Looking for representation?

Do you have a FOXY voice?

Please feel free to email us with a link to your reels.  We always love to hear from super talented Voiceover artists/actors but please understand that we get a lot of  voices wanting to join the Voicefox family.  Even though we try to listen to all reels please understand it just isn't possible to reply to everyone...sorry!  We generally only reply if we wish to add you to our roster.

Submission tips

  • We love links to reels but not so keen on attachments or downloads initially.

  • We are currently only considering talent that is based in the UK..

  • You need to already have fully produced professional reels when you approach us; definitely a commercial reel and or corporate/narrative/gaming reel.

  • We recommend before investing in voice reels that you get some training specific to voiceover (please see links below to training courses/VO coaching we recommend along with our voice reel service of choice.)

  • We don't tend to push for Audiobook work.

  • We are currently only taking on talent who have their own professional studio to record from (please see below for some equipment we recommend and some tips you may find useful if you are looking to set up your own recording studio).


Showreel Production

Giving It Lip are based in Brighton.  Run by the lovely Russ and Sophie.  Sophie is a copywriter and will write scripts unique and specific to you and your requirements.  Russ is the engineer/producer with years of recording/production experience.  Russ is also a very successful voiceover artist so knows how to direct and what clients generally want.  They are lovely people and their service is second to none!!  

Studio tips

Setting up your own studio can be tricky if you have no training or experience in  this area.  Here are a few tips you may find useful.

  • Your recording space - where will you set up your studio?  Is the area quiet or do you need to think about soundproofing the area so no unwanted external sounds appear on your recordings?  Sound proof curtains, hung over windows and doors are OK if it's already relatively quiet but they will not blockout  loud sounds such as drilling, constant loud traffic noise, children screaming etc.  Your client does not want to pay for audio that is ruined by external sounds that should not be there.  Please think about this carefully before setting up your studio and get in touch with a professional soundproofing expert for some advice if this is an issue.

  • Is the area acoustically treated?  This is much more important than the equipment you use.  In fact  even if you have an amazing mic but the recording area is not acoustically treated your recordings will not sound good or professional.  Think about purchasing a booth or investing in acoustic panels (on the ceiling and walls) and a rug/carpet for the floor to help absorb any reflections/soundwaves bouncing off hard surfaces creating unwanted reverb to your recordings.

  • Once you have the recording space ready it's time to invest in some equipment.  You will need a cardioid microphone (preferably a condenser), mic stand, mic lead (always good to have a spare), pop shield, headphones, soundcard, quiet computer (quiet fan if it's in the booth with you),  software, monitors, facility for clients to be able to dial in to direct.


Here are some of our home studio favourites to suit all budgets 

Recording environment

* A good tip if you live in rented accommodation and want to stick acoustic paneling onto the walls is to stick the panels on to wood and then hang it like a picture.  This prevents damaging the wall and keeps your landlord or lady happy.


It's important to choose a mic that suits your voice so we recommend trying a few before you buy.



  • Logic Pro 

  • Ocenaudio

  • Protools

  • Audacity

  • Audition