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Meet Emily Dean...

Emily is Founder & main agent at Voicefox.  She has a great ear for finding fresh new talent & finds great pleasure in working to a brief and finding the best voice for the job.

Feel daunted by the amount of amazing voices we have on our roster?  Why not drop Emily a line with a brief?  Emily will help you find the perfect voice quickly and stress free -  making finding a voice an easy & enjoyable experience. info@voicefox.co.uk

Meet Susie Valerio...

Susie is a very experienced, professional Brazilian voiceover artist.  With over two decades of experience within the industry we thought Susie would be a great person to join team FOX as our international voice expert.



Voicefox is a voice-over agency. We have cherry picked some of the best voices and artists around and pride ourselves on the quality we are able to deliver. 

We are more than just an agent that represents voices!  We work with you to find that perfect voice, to help you get the best recording of that perfect voice and to ensure that you and your client are super happy with the final result!  We go that extra mile because we care and it's important to us that you enjoy working with us and our team!

Why not get in touch with your requirement? 



Here is a snapshot of some of the companies who have added our voice to their story!

Voiceover:  Melvin Vermeer

Voiceover:  Dédé Davi

Voiceover:  Claire Wyatt

Voiceover:  Peter Walsh

Voiceover:  Isi Adeola

Voiceover:  Paul Alborough

Voiceover:  Annie Warburton

Voiceover:  Daniel Clark

Voiceover:  Brad Foster

Voiceover:  Melody Roche

Voiceover:  Karl Jenkins

Voiceover:  Paul Alborough

Voiceover:  Richard Hodder

Voiceover:  David Corbett

Voiceover:  Nicholas Owen

Voiceover:  Colin Uttley

Voiceover:  Russell Shaw

Voiceover:  Professor Elemental - PR campaign we worked on for Sega


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"It goes without saying that Russell Shaw was excellent from our very first record but I just wanted to add that Russ really has given our TV series a real identity. Russ was an absolute pleasure to work with and I really couldn’t imagine the show without Russ’ dulcet northern tones over it" ... Rick Politz, Series Producer/Director

"Emily and the team were absolutely fantastic in delivering us a really fun, creative asset with a short turnaround. We were all delighted with the quality of the final video and wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Voicefox"....Craig Laycock, Sega

"It was an absolute pleasure working with Emily, Peter and everyone else at Voicefox. They made the whole process an easy and smooth one for us, and we couldn’t ask for better results!" ... Chris Leitch, Career Addict

"I knew I liked David's voice from his demo on the site, but now I absolutely adore it. It's like butter melting into toast.   Also, huge thanks to you guys for an incredible service, I never thought I'd have so much control from so far away, and being able to have the whole bulk of the recording was of huge benefit, as I could edit it down to the individual word in some parts. I would recommend you without hesitation, and I'm sure I'll be using your service again soon."... Jason Moore, Swansongs

"It's always great to work with Emily and the team at VoiceFox. They have a great selection of voiceover talent and can always work miracles- no matter how tight the turnaround! A pleasure to work with." ... James Johnson, Picturebook Films

"Just a quick email to say thank you for facilitating the VO Session for the Learners Journey animation this morning.  Claire Wyatt was very professional which resulted in the animation getting the VO recorded in the style that we were looking for."..Mark, Learners Journey animation





Emily - info@voicefox.co.uk


Thank you for getting in touch!