Firstly, it's important for you to understand that what you get through using our service is more than the actual recording of your chosen voice.  We take care of the whole process for you from beginning to end.  We offer free custom demo's along with reel's sent straight to your inbox so you and your client can be 100% happy that you have chosen the best voice for the job.  If we don't have a suitable voice that fits your brief we search on  your behalf using our connections and industry contacts.  We book the studio and ensure everything runs as smoothly as possible so it's one less thing for you to worry about.  This is all part of our service.  The most important thing for us is that you enjoy working with us and if you are happy then the Fox is happy too.


Sometimes the cost of a voice over artist can be a bit of a grey area but we want to make the whole process as easy and as transparent as possible so we have created this rate guide so you can work out roughly how much we charge.  For a quote tailored to fit your exact requirements please do get in touch with as much information as possible.  Ideally we need to know where the voice recording will be used (media as well as territory), what the voice will be used for and for how long.  Please also provide us with a rough word count  so we can work out approximately how long it will take to record and edit.

There are two costs to consider when hiring and licensing a voice.  The artist recording fee (BSF - basic studio fee) and the usage.  It's the usage that can vary from project to project depending on the budget and size of the project and what, where, why and when the voice will be used.


Artist fee's -   please  note these prices are a guide only for an accurate quote please do get in touch with your exact requirements and your budget.  We try to find ways to fit within budget if we can.  All prices quoted are exclusive of VAT.  VAT will be added to the final fee.  We are in full support of Gravy For The Brain and we do base most of our rates on their rate card which is fast becoming the industry standard; https://rates.gravyforthebrain.com/


Artist Recording fee (BSF):  £250 +VAT per hour

Usage: It's hard to detail all the prices for every single scenario so please get in touch with your exact requirements so that we can send you an accurate quote.   A few popular usage fees are...


Internal corporate use - £300 all in

Online explainer video - 50% - 100% of the BSF (depending on size of company/brand/reach)

TV usage - calculated by the amount of TVR's and using the standard usefee.tv calculator

Online paid to be promoted advert - 400% of the BSF (unless Geo-locked to a particular region)

Corporate web/social media content (non-advertising) - 50-100% of the BSF (depending on size of company/brand/reach)

E-learning - 0.15 - 0.25 per word no artist recording fee payable but there is a minimum fee of £250 plus VAT

Please note if you wish to cancel a booking you must do so at least 24 hours before the session to avoid paying the cancellation charge (100% of the session fee plus any expenses incurred).



If you prefer to work with an external studio we can arrange that too.  We work with a number of studios.  When your budget is on the small side choosing an artist with their own studio can cut costs significantly. 


Most of the external studios we work with charge the following;  (not including a VO artist)

Weekdays (10.00am – 6.00pm)

£50.00 p/h - Vocal Recording / Mixing / Pre & Post Production w/ Engineer

£50.00 p/h - Voice-Over Recording w/ Engineer

£55.00 p/h - Voice-Over Recording w/ Skype or Source Connect Now and Engineer

£60.00 p/h - Voice-Over Recording To Picture w/ Engineer

£65.00 p/h - Voice-Over Recording To Picture w/ Skype and Engineer

£75.00 p/h - Voice-Over Recording w/ ISDN (ipDTL) and Engineer

£80.00 p/h - Voice-Over Recording To Picture w/ ISDN (ipDTL) and Engineer

All above rates + £10 before 10am and after 6pm and at weekends and bank holidays. If editing or processing is required beyond the booked studio time, an extra pro-rata charge will apply based on the hourly rates above. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to get in touch.

File Transfers up to 500MB using WeTransfer are inclusive and transfer to USB or hard drive no charge.

Script printing for scripts between 1 - 25 pages: £5.00

Uploads / Downloads over 500MB: £5.00

CDR: £5.00

DVD data: £10.00

If an artist is chosen who has their own professional studio there will be no extra charge unless excessive editing over the initial hour is required.