Sarah Sumeray

Sarah Sumeray - Showreel
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Sarah is very capable of performing a wide range of voices from bright, young and dynamic to rich, seductive and deep and is easily able to adapt as required. 

Penny Scott-Andrews

Penny Scott-Andrews - Showreel
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Penny is a versatile and hugely experienced voiceover artist offering anything from a young, natural girl next door read to an RP confident straight delivery. Having trained as an actress, cartoon and character work is also her forte.

Chelsea Fitzgerald

Chelsea Fitzgerald - Showreel
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Very young sounding modern South East voice. Extremely clear mouth with excellent articulation. Can go from bubbly and cheeky to serious and sincere with ease.

Phoebe Hyder

Pheobe Hyder - Showreel
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Phoebe has an engaging youthful voice with a dreamy and ethereal quality to it.

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Laura Schofield

Lisa Schofield - Showreel
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Melodious, friendly, clear and engaging. A trained actress capable of a range of styles from upbeat and fresh to strong and seductive. Neutral RP with a variety of accents and character voices. 

Annabel Bates

Annabel Bates - Showreel
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Annabel has a bright, energetic voice with a neutral RP accent - perfect for narration and commercials. She is able to take direction well to change the quality of her voice with ease. Previous clients include Axe.


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