Annie Warburton

Annie Warburton - Showreel
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Annie’s natural voice possesses a clear, warm quality, with an accessible Home Counties accent, and a very natural RP.

Bradley Foster

Bradley Foster - Showreel
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Brad has a lovely clear voice. Regularly chosen for young trendy brands such as Spotify. Brad has a warm and somewhat youthful sounding voice with a natural tone.

Nathalie Codsi

Nathalie Codsi - Showreel
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A very young & engaing voice with a lot of warmth & character. Sparky & upbeat, speaks fluent French & a natural at character voices. Clients include; Greenpeace & Sony Playstation.

Jack Tutt

Jack Tutt - Showreel
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A unique, versatile & friendly voice with a good ear for accents & characterisation. Dynamic, energised but also reassuring. A good impersonator that has a naturally "youthful" tone for audio delivery, presenting & MCing.

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Victoria Grantham

Victoria Grantham - Showreel
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A bright, fresh and young voice. Good instincts, sense of humour & versatility of styles.

Taet Chesterton

Taet Chesterton - Showreel
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A versatile voice which covers children's animation to Pop, R&B & Musical Theatre. A calming tone which can cover a Mumsy voice to a typical Essex accent. Accomplished singer and actress.


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