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Tanja Lipinski

This voice artist has many experiences working with industrial clients and in commercials. She can sound trustable and convincing, smart and upbeat, fresh and breezy, as well as warm and confidential. Her voice has been heard in a number of national radio and internet commercials since 2006. She does voice over work also for a lot of corporate websites as well as other corporate narration projects. Crazy, lovely, smart, confidential, fresh, breezy, happy, sensitive, cool, funny, upbeat, sunny is the way, Tanja does speak.

References: Audi, Commerzbank, Gameforge, Google, H&M, Hewlett Packard, Jack Wolfskin, Lego, Lufthansa, Marvel, H&M, McDonald´s, Microsoft, Novartis, Philips, Procter & Gamble, VW...

Tanja Lipinski - Showreel