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Alexander R

Alexander R - Showreel
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Alexander is a Spanish voice artist and singer. He has been singing for over 12 years and also studied dubbing technique with the TV and voice actor Jorge Carrero Arín. Since 2007 he has taken part in amazing projects for great brands such as BMW, HP, Disney and Amazon.  His native Spanish voice is naturally deep and warm, resonating both trustfulness and sincerity.

Marcos Angel

Marcos Angel - Commercial Reel 2
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Marcos Angel - Commercial Reel
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Marcos Angel - Art History Narration
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Marcos Angel - Educational Reel
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Marcos Angel - TV Series Reel
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Born in Mexico but living in the UK for the last 27 years A.O Marcos' voice has been used for a number of commercials & presentations. A bilingual VO artist (Spanish/English). Comforting, Warm, friendly, educated, appealing. truthful.  

Range: late 20's to late 40's

Joanna Rubio

Joanna Rubio - Commercial Reel
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Versatile, cosmopolitan , professional, intelligent and sincere, maintaining a fine balance between elegance and sensuality.


TV Commercials , Corporate videos, E learnings, Lip Synch Dubbing Actress I work in Spanish (with a genuine accent from Spain, not to be confused
with Latin American accents) and Fluent English as a 2 language.

Vicky Tessio

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Vicky Tessio - Commercial Reel
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Vicky Tessio - English Accent Reel
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Vicky Tessio - Explainer
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Award-winning  European Spanish VO with an assured, engaging, velvety voice.  VO and characters, child voices. Dubbing and singing.