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Drew Cain

Drew C - Showreel
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Drew's natural accent is soft, well spoken from West Scotland. A strong but friendly voice, deep and reassuring.  Can confidently switch between Scottish to RP.

Lucy Goldie

Lucy G - Showreel
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Lucy is a Scottish Actress with a warm, friendly, sincere vocal quality. She has experience in voice-over, audio drama and radio having previously worked with BBC Radio, BBC Education and Big Finish Productions. 

Duncan Brown

Duncan B - Showreel
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From central Scotland, Duncan’s voice is warm, cheerful and extremely versatile. He has a great ear for accents and impressions, from cartoon favourites to TV personalities.

John Scougall

John S - Showreel
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A relaxed, warm and confident Scottish voice with a natural charm.

Donald Pirie

Donald P - Showreel
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Donald P has one of the most recognisable and most used voices in Scotland. For years he has been the main, male voice on STV and BBC Radio Scotland and is also the voice on Channel 4's popular gameshow 15 to 1. Recent corporate clients have included AXA, Microsoft, S1 Homes and Vodafone. 


Toni F - Showreel
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Toni has a rich, mature voice with depth and gravitas. A trained and experienced actress in comedy and character work. Soft Scottish tones that draw in her audience.

Toni Frutin

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