Maggie K Demonde

Maggie K Demonde - Showreel

A rich sultry delivery which can be turned in to comedy at a drop of a hat. Natural Birmingham accent. Fluent in English, Spanish & French!

Karl Jenkinson

Karl Jenkinson - Showreel

The closest thing there is to a National Voice, Karl is "Everyman". His warm, friendly voice lends a credible believability to any project. Expect tough, passionate and brooding for the darker side of Karl.

Toni Frutin

Toni Frutin - Showreel

Toni has a rich, mature voice with depth and gravitas. A trained and experienced actress in comedy and character work. Soft Scottish tones that draw in her audience.

Stephen Armstrong

Stephen Armstrong - Showreel

Mellow Northern Irish with a whisper of Scottich.  Strong & gentle.Urbane & warm. Sophisticated with a sexy edge.

Donna Louise Brian

Russell Shaw

Donna Louise Brian - Showreel

A lovely warm, rich, clear, contemporary listenable voice. Neutral RP or gentle Northern or Birmingham accents.

Russell Shaw - Showreel

Experienced Voice-over artist with a warm engaging tone.  Embodies the character & has a natural ability to connect with the material. Friendly & strong voice with a natural Northern baritone accent.