Lisa Cawthorne

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Lisa Cawthorne_Commercial Reel
Lisa Cawthorne - Narrative.mp3

Lisa's soft Yorkshire tones provide authenticity, calm and warmth.  Great for that reliable, sensitive, heartfelt content, and equally great for more comedic dry content with perhaps a stronger accent or RP.  Lisa has worked across advertising and television for over a decade both in front and behind the camera, and trained at The Royal Central School of Speech and Drama. 

Kevin Duala

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Kevin Duala_Commercial Showreel_EBU128_-23LUFS
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Kevin is a British actor and presenter with a lovely Liverpudlian accent. A voice that has a reassuring and friendly charm.

Dave Jones

Dave Jones - Commercial Reel
Dave Jones - Corporate Reel
Dave Jones - Gaming Reel
Dave Jones - Animation Reel

A naturally confident, friendly voice with warm, earthy tones.

Margaret Ashley

M Ashley - Commercial Reel
M Ashley - Narrative Reel

A professional experienced British actress . She has a warm, friendly, animated, authoritative, articulate, characterful vocal style with a large range.  Originally from Newcastle, Margaret is a native Geordie, via Manchester, and London.  She is good with accents, particularlily, Northern, Yorkshire, Scouse, Mid Atlantic and obviously her standard RP. Three times nominee Best Female for the One Voice Awards as Best Dramatic Performance in Radio, Best Documentary Narration - Television and Best Character Performance in Games and Animation.  A versatile all rounder.

Michelle O'Callaghan

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Michelle O'Callghan - Commercial Demo 1
Michelle O'Callaghan - Character Reel
Michelle O’Callaghan - Narrative Reel

Bright. Upbeat. Warm. Chatty. Engaging.  Neutrally Northern & Authentically Scouse.

An experienced & incredibly versatile Voice Actor, Michelle’s most requested styles are warm, chatty, bright, and engaging