Liam Gerrard

L Gerrard - Commercial Reel
L Gerrard - Corporate Voicereel
L Gerrard - Narration Reel
L Gerrard - E-Learning Reel

Naturally northern, friendly and informative everyday bloke next door. Very good at RP and other regional accents too.

Tony Collins Fogarty

Tony Collins Fogarty - Commercial Showre

A Northern / Neutral British accent, with a hint of Yorkshire.  Warm, friendly, conversational, ageless, relatable, cheeky, bright and dynamic.

Delivering authority and vulnerability in equal measure.  Authentic, sincere or cynical and sarcastic.

Playing age:  30-55 years

Elizabeth Hammond

E Hammond - Commercial Reel
E Hammond - Documentary Reel
E Hammond - Gaming Reel

Elizabeth has a naturally warm articulate, friendly and assuring voice. With a native soft Northern accent, as well as the skills of a range of various regional accents and RP.

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Michelle Bayly

Michelle 4 black and white.jpg
Michelle Bayly - commercial reel
Michelle Bayly - Games Character Demo Reel
Michelle Bayly - character reel

Michelle's voice is warm, light, and versatile with natural North East and Standard English tones. Her expressiveness lends to naturalistic and heightened characters, emotions, and accents for a range of characters of different ages, in games and animation. Michelle has voiced a range of RP and Northern Characters for Silent Games, Super Evil Megacorp, Impulse Gear, Steamroller studios and more. 

George Reid

George Reid - Commercial Reel
George Reid - Documentary Reel

Assured, deep and earthy with a soft South Yorkshire accent. Can change to an energetic and active tone for an advert and use the deeper gentle tones for softer narration work. Born and bred in Barnsley.


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