Liam Gerrard

L Gerrard - Commercial Reel
L Gerrard - Corporate Voicereel
L Gerrard - Narration Reel
L Gerrard - E-Learning Reel

Naturally northern, friendly and informative everyday bloke next door. Very good at RP and other regional accents too.

Tony Collins Fogarty

Tony Collins Fogarty - Commercial Showre

A Northern / Neutral British accent, with a hint of Yorkshire.  Warm, friendly, conversational, ageless, relatable, cheeky, bright and dynamic.

Delivering authority and vulnerability in equal measure.  Authentic, sincere or cynical and sarcastic.

Playing age:  30-55 years

Elizabeth Hammond

Elizabeth Hammond - Shot 4 Bright Blue T
E Hammond - Commercial Reel
E Hammond - Documentary Reel
E Hammond - Gaming Reel

Elizabeth has a naturally warm articulate, friendly and assuring voice. With a native soft Northern accent, as well as the skills of a range of various regional accents and RP.

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Michelle Bayly

Michelle 4 black and white.jpg
Michelle Bayly - commercial reel
Michelle Bayly - Games Character Demo Reel
Michelle Bayly - character reel

Michelle's voice is warm, light, and versatile with natural North East and Standard English tones. Her expressiveness lends to naturalistic and heightened characters, emotions, and accents for a range of characters of different ages, in games and animation. Michelle has voiced a range of RP and Northern Characters for Silent Games, Super Evil Megacorp, Impulse Gear, Steamroller studios and more. 

George Reid

GEORGE REID - Black and White.jpg
George Reid - Commercial Reel
George Reid - Documentary Reel

Assured, deep and earthy with a soft South Yorkshire accent. Can change to an energetic and active tone for an advert and use the deeper gentle tones for softer narration work. Born and bred in Barnsley.

Lorraine Hodgson

Lorraine Hodgson - Commercial
Lorraine Hodgson - Narration
Lorraine Hodgson - Gaming

Lorraine enjoys working with her clients whether it be on a commercial, video game, explainer or documentary. 

Clients include BBC, Cisco, NatWest, Aldi, and Curry’s.  

In 2018 she was nominated for a Voice Arts Award for her Video Games Reel. The Voice Arts Awards are global Competition celebrating some of the world’s most brilliant voices.