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Andy Bridge

Andy B - Showreel
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Warm resonant and reassuring. Andrew has a wide range covering commercial, documentary through to comedy.

Julia M - Showreel
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Julia Meola

Natural, genuine, relaxed & believable who takes direction well and is an excellent sight reader.

Gavin Dobson

Gavin Dobson.JPG
Gavin Dobson - Commercial Reel
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Gavin Dobson - Narrative Reel
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Gavin is originally from East (Darlington) and his voice is descibed as light, warm, trusting and fun.

Victoria Riley

Victoria Riley - Commercial Reel
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Victoria Riley - Narration Reel
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Victoria has an engaging, reassuring and confident delivery with a native Lancashire accent, which can range from subtle to broad depending on your needs.  A trained actress with a quirky and characterful voice, she has very clear diction and impeccable articulation, making her swift and easy to work with.

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Russell Shaw

Russell Shaw - Commercial Reel
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Russell Shaw - Narrative
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Voice-over artist with an earthy engaging tone.  Embodies the character due to his acting background & has a natural ability to connect with the material. Friendly & strong voice with a natural Northern baritone accent. Worked on Radio 4 plays, Amazon Prime, The Other 1% podcasts which are now available on Spotify and Itunes plus TV narration for The One Show and a new 8 part paranormal TV show currently being shown on the Really channel UKTV every Friday 10pm. ​

Cromerty York

Cromerty Y - Showreel
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Cromerty Y has a confident voice with a great convincing, natural read. She can change her  pitch for a more excitable, dynamic advert, whilst using a more measured lower tone for an interesting corporate eLearning module.