Marcus McConnell

Marcus McConnell - Showreel
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A versatile Everyman able to imbue any project with a natural engaging delivery.

Colin Uttley

Colin Uttley - Showreel
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A clear, friendly baritone voice. Naturally RP but can also be London or Yorkshire. 

Mike Yon

Michael Yon - Showreel
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Michael is an actor and voice artist trained at London's Poor School with a unique deep, rich, authoritative mature Voice well suited to voiceovers for documentaries and commercials. He will bring credibility and integrity any project undertaken.

Christopher Nason

Christopher Nason - Showreel
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British RP accent - a cultured, polished, informative and soothing voice, ideal for narrative documentary and corporate styles.

John Craddock

John Craddock - Showreel
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A rich warm authoritative voice, reassuring, persuasive and dynamic. Easy to listen to, conveying enthusiasm and trust. Definitely a convincing voice.

Simon Poole

Simon Poole - Showreel
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Age range 40s -50s Neutral/RP: Straight, Strong, Authoritative, Clear, Rich and Smooth.  Simon's voice has been used to front many TV and radio campaigns, but is equally suited to documentary narrative and corporate text.  He is a veteran of over 300 engagements.

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