Michael Chance

Michael Chance - Showreel

Michael is a native Yorkshireman but is equally happy with RP and other regional accents. His voice is clear and commanding.

Cromerty York

Cromerty York - Showreel

Cromerty York has a confident voice with a great convincing, natural read. She can change her  pitch for a more excitable, dynamic advert, whilst using a more measured lower tone for an interesting corporate eLearning module.

Grant Fulton

Grant Fulton - Showreel

A listenable, warm voice that has a great comedic style to it. Perfect for those jobs that need a touch of lighthearted banter.

Margaret Ashley

Margaret Ashley - Showreel

A professional experienced British actress . She has a warm, friendly, animated, authoritative, articulate, characterful vocal style with a large range.  Originally from Newcastle, Margaret is a native Geordie, via Manchester, and London.  She is good with accents, particularlily, Northern, Yorkshire, Scouse, Mid Atlantic and obviously her standard RP. Three times nominee Best Female for the One Voice Awards as Best Dramatic Performance in Radio, Best Documentary Narration - Television and Best Character Performance in Games and Animation.  A versatile all rounder.

Ian Shaw

Ian Shaw - Showreel

A strong, calm, authoritative voice & an experienced actor. 

Simon Lipson

Simon Lipson - Showreel

Natural RP, warm, deep, gravelly, humorous (if required), with a wide range of character voices. Professional impressionist for many years, so can offer a huge variety of accents, tones and soundalikes.

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