Peter Hall


A soothing, reassuring, deeply resonant voice with a rich tone, natural softened RP and chocolatey.

P Hall - Voicereel

Greg Draven

Greg Draven BW.jpg
G Draven - Commercial Reel

Naturally, I have a strong and smooth voice which can adapt to perform a low gravely/gruff voice, as well as move the other way to provide a soft gentle voice

Drew Campbell

Drew headshot.jpg
D Campbell - Commercial Reel
D Campbell - Corporate Reel
D Campbell - Characters Reel

Drew has a friendly, assured and slightly quirky quality to his voice. He has a soft Cumbrian accent and has a great range for character voices well suited for Gaming, Animation or Commercial. His smooth and laid back manner is perfect for documentaries, explainer and e-learning videos.

Peter Revel Walsh

Peter Revel-Walsh - Rory Lewis Headshot
P Revel-Walsh - Commercial Reel

“Peter Revel-Walsh, a professional actor and voice over artist  for over 5 years, originally from Lancashire, his natural accent is English with soft northern tones, Peter has produced  numerous audio books to date of various genres, and is currently a regular voice on a motivational Youtube channel.

Vocal Style : Motivational, Natural, Believable, Trustworthy, Upbeat”

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Rick Politz

Rick Politz.jpg
R Politz - Commercial Reel
R Politz - Narrative Reel

Smooth, confident promo voice

Steve Reed

Steve Reed.JPG
Steve Reed - Commercial Reel - 2021
S Reed - Corporate Reel

British, Engaging, Warm, Informative, Conversational, Upbeat. Non-regional.

Steve is an experienced and accomplished voiceover artist used by the worlds leading production company’s. His voice is heard in cinemas, on tv commercials, radio ads, training videos, eLearning and messages on-hold. Clients include Sony, Goldman Sachs, London Stock Exchange and Kia. He's a former national commercial radio host and BBC trained broadcaster and producer. Coached by a world renowned voiceover coach, he keeps up to date on regular industry trends.