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Peter Hall

Peter Hall - Showreel
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A soothing, reassuring, deeply resonant voice with a rich tone, natural softened RP and chocolatey.

Drew Campbell

Drew Campbell - Commercial Ree
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Drew Campbell - Corporate Reel
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Drew Campbell - E-Learning
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Drew has a friendly, assured and slightly quirky quality to his voice. He has a soft Cumbrian accent and has a great range for character voices well suited for Gaming, Animation or Commercial. His smooth and laid back manner is perfect for documentaries, explainer and e-learning videos.

Rick Politz

Rick Politz - Commercial Reel
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Rick Politz - Narrative Reel
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Smooth, confident promo voice

Greg Draven

Greg Draven - Showreel
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Naturally, I have a strong and smooth voice which can adapt to perform a low gravely/gruff voice, as well as move the other way to provide a soft gentle voice

Peter Revel Walsh

Peter Revel Walsh - Showreel
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Originally from Lancashire Peter has a soft northern accent with a warm and relaxing tones also able to provide RP and character voices.

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