Tony Collins Fogarty

Tony Collins Fogarty - Commercial Showre

A Northern / Neutral British accent, with a hint of Yorkshire.  Warm, friendly, conversational, ageless, relatable, cheeky, bright and dynamic.

Delivering authority and vulnerability in equal measure.  Authentic, sincere or cynical and sarcastic.

Playing age:  30-55 years

Edward Fulton

E Fulton - Commercial Reel
E Fulton - Narrative Reel

A warm, engaging, listenable voice. 

Ben Kernow

B Kernow - Commercial Reel
B Kernow - Narration Reel

A native Cornish actor, and speaker of the Cornish language, Ben has a friendly, down to Earth and playful voice quality with a strong ear for accents and character voices. 

Kenny Blyth

Kenny Blyth - Commercial/Accent Reel
Kenny Blyth - Scottish showreel
Kenny Blyth - Animation
Kenny Blyth - Gaming Reel

A trained actor and BBC radio Carleton Hobbs award winner with 20 years experience  Kenny is one of the most versatile voice actors in the UK, working in nearly 30 accents from all four corners on the UK and beyond.

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Marcus McConnell

M McConnell - Showreel

A versatile Everyman able to imbue any project with a natural engaging delivery.

Sonny Chatters

Sonny Chatters - Commercial Showreel
Sonny Chatters_Gaming Showreel_EBUR128.w

Voice-over artist who totally embodies his character due to his acting background versatile & friendly voice with a good ear for accents & characterisation. Dynamic, energised but also reassuring.