Guy Loyd

G Lloyd - Voicereel

High energy Juice FM presenter, Guy Lloyd, a warm friendly voice -  the kind of guy you'd like to chat with at a bar whilst waiting for a drink..

Edward Fulton

E Fulton - Commercial Reel
E Fulton - Narrative Reel

A warm, engaging, listenable voice. 

Ben Kernow

Ben Kernow.jpg
B Kernow - Commercial Reel
B Kernow - Narration Reel

A native Cornish actor, and speaker of the Cornish language, Ben has a friendly, down to Earth and playful voice quality with a strong ear for accents and character voices. 

Kenny Dunkwu

K Dunkwu - Commercial Reel
K Dunkwu - Corporate Reel

Kenny Dunkwu is a British born professional voice over artist, who has worked in the voice over industry for over 12 years. His versatility in terms of accent ability is one of his core strengths. He has worked globally with clients in 27 countries and 3 continents.  He as voiced commercial, documentary, animation and corporate projects for clients such as the BBC, Royal Air Maroc, Channel 4, NHS, Sky News, Master card and Four Seasons Resort Hotel.

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Marcus McConnell

M McConnell - Showreel

A versatile Everyman able to imbue any project with a natural engaging delivery.

John Scougall

J Scougall - Commercial Reel
J Scougall - Corporate Reel

A relaxed, warm and confident voice with a natural charm.


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