Jordan Whitby

Jordan Whitby.jpg
J Whitby - Commercial Reel
J Whitby - Corporate Reel
J Whitby - Gaming Reel
J Whitby - Drama & Narration Reel
J Whitby - Animation Reel

Jordans voice is upbeat, friendly, and smooth, with a conversational quality to it. Being a trained Actor he is able to create believable character voices, as well as a range of accents, from my native Estuary accent, to American and Australian.

Barney Cooper

B Cooper - Commercial Reel
B Cooper - Corporate Reel
B Cooper - Narration Reel
B Cooper - Documentary Reel

Barney has a bright and genuine voice that comes across in a friendly and conversational manner. His relaxed and natural delivery makes a listener feel as though he's talking directly to them, giving it an engaging and trustworthy quality. His natural RP is complimented with a gift for character voices and a wide range of both regional and international accents.

Luke Bell

L Bell - Commercial Reel
L Bell - Narrative Reel

Luke is a young, exciting voice actor. He trained at The University of Hull and moved back down to North London after completing his BA. Luke has a deep, soothing voice with a natural RP accent, however his versatility is well demonstrated in his gaming/character reel. Luke has worked on Feature Films, animations, radio dramas, games and many more whilst gaining large well-known clients.

Sasha Goguel

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Sasha Goguel - Commercial
Sasha Goguel - Corporate
Sasha de Goguel - narration reel
Sasha de Goguel - Gaming - Character- Ac

Born in London but a dual UK and US citizen so can switch from both accents very easily.  Specializes in RP, London and Northern but has many more accents in his arsenal.   A Friendly, versatile voice which can adopt many methods and tones of speaking according to a particular script. 

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Christophe Phillipps

C Philipps - Showreel

Experienced Voiceover artist with a warm, engaging tone, slight 'eductaed feel' and above all, a natural ability to connect with the material.

Josh Harvey

Josh Harvey.jpeg
J Harvey - Commercial Reel
J Harvey - Character Reel
J Harvey - AudioBook Reel

A Comedian, Actor and Voice over artist. Josh’s Voice carries the relatable and and Comedic tones of the “EveryMan”. He is Often recorded as a ‘James Corden’ Voice Match and can bring a charming, Cheeky and relaxed naturalism to your project.