Elliott Crossely

E Crossley - Voicereel

Deep, strong but soft, eccentric, crazy, impressions.

Benny Bright

Benny Bright LR-8260-original-bw.jpg
Benny Bright - Commercial Showreel
Benny Bright - Animation Reel 2019

Bright, likeable and assured with immense versatility – From iconic animated characters to international ad campaigns. 


Clients include: DreamWorks, Peyo, Nestlé

Unique skills: Impersonations, Jim Henson animation puppetry trained.

Sebastian Brown

SB-Sebastian-090 B+W.jpeg
Sebastian Brown - Commercial Reel
Sebastian Brown - Corporate Reel
Sebastian Brown Gaming Reel

A Voice that is naturally deep and resonant, with a reassuring, confident and friendly tone. Though Sebastians native dialect is British, he was partly raised in Vancouver

and therefore also can record with a North American or Mid-Atlantic dialect. Sebastians vocal 

versatility allows him to diversify across corporate, narrative and character parts. His 

voice has been described as assured, authoritative, rich, smooth, animated, bright

and powerful. 

Rik Scott

R Scott - Commercial Reel

Rik has a rich, deep, powerful voice. From whisper in your ear smooth to an amp cranked up to 11. And everything in between. 

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Omah Howard

Omah Howard - Commercial Reel
Omah Howard - Character Reel

My voice is dynamic. Naturally resonating with a younger audience (hence being one of the voices of BBC THREE) However I connect with all age groups. I have a range of accents and styles across the UK and abroad. I’m persuasive and love to inspire.

Peter Walsh

Pete 3.jpg
P Walsh - Commercial Reel
P Walsh - Gaming Reel

Peter is an experienced voice artist with a style best described as deep, friendly & optimistic. Strengths are impersonations & narration.