Elliott Crossely

E Crossley - Voicereel

Deep, strong but soft, eccentric, crazy, impressions.

Justin Hayward

J K Hayward - Voicereel

Justin has a smooth and pleasant voice which can be both serious and low and fun and mid-pitched. It's friendly, warm, reassuring, educated yet not exclusive, a softer and more rounded timbre although he can provide an edge if required. Great for many styles of recording including documentaries, audio books, high end adverts and corporate content.

Charlie White

C White - Commercial Reel
C White - Narrative Reel

London native. Smooth authoritative RP narration, down to earth friend and neighbour plus the imagination and acting skill to draw superb comic characters out of his mouth like rabbits out of a hat. Supremely versatile, from Scientists, Pirates, Parrots, Monsters, Cartoon characters, Professors and an amazing range of Regional UK and International accents. Great mimicry, impressions, range and timing.

Rik Scott

R Scott - Commercial Reel

Rik has a rich, deep, powerful voice. From whisper in your ear smooth to an amp cranked up to 11. And everything in between. 

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Matthew Carrington

M Carrington - Commercial Reel

A natural and warm voice that switches from RP to estuary with ease, as well as other accents. As comfortable recording audio books as he is corporate videos; also experienced in e-learning, narration, adverts and animation.

Andrew Wheildon Dennis

A Wheildon Dennis - Commercial Reel
A Dennis - Narrative Reel
A Wheildon Dennis - Characeter Reel
Andrew Wheildon Dennis - Animation Reel

Smooth, warm and charming natural voice with a very dynamic range and the control to do a myriad of styles - great with characters and accents.


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