David Corbett

D Corbet - Commercial Reel

A native UK, RP, can do many accents. Soft, warm tones. Previous clients include; KLM, Brabantia, Philips, Strongbow plus many more.

Alex Pitcher

Alex Pitcher_Narrative_Showreel_(2020).m
A Pitcher - Gaming Reel

Alex has a Relaxed voice suitable for all Corporate and professional reads. He has a natural RP British voice as standard but his comic edge lends him an excellent range of character voices.

Russell Shaw

R Shaw - Commercial Reel
R Shaw - Narrative Reel
Russell Shaw - Drama Reel

Voice-over artist with an earthy engaging tone.  Embodies the character due to his acting background & has a natural ability to connect with the material. Friendly & strong voice with a natural Northern baritone accent. Worked on Radio 4 plays with the BBC, Amazon Prime, The Other 1% podcasts, which are now available on Spotify and iTunes. Russell was the voice of BBC One Show and the narrator of an 8 part TV show The Unexplained Caught On Camera which can be seen on the Really Channel and UKTV.

David Monteith

D Monteith - Commercial Reel
D Monteith - Narrative Reel
D Monteith - Old Jamaica

Smooth, clear, engaging and friendly

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Matthew Wade

Matthew Wade - Commercial Reel
Matthew Wade - Explainer Videos selction
Matthew Wade - Character voice reel

Matthew has a warm, trustworthy and confident voice with a natural London/RP accent, but is confident adapting to different accents and voice qualities. His voice experiences includes Video Games, Audiobooks, Radioplays and TV & Film, as well as corporate and commercial clients like TFL, Luxardo Maraschino, Deloitte, DeBeers, Tesco, Fender, and public sector bodies including local authorities, healthcare organisations, research institutes and The EU Parliament.

Christopher Nason

C Nason - Commercial Reel

British RP accent - a cultured, polished, informative and soothing voice, ideal for narrative documentary and corporate styles.