Tim Bick

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T Bick - Commercial Reel
T Bick - E-learning Reel
T Bick - Gaming Reel

A stylish middle aged British male voice, resonant with a gritty edge. Tim delivers reassuring, friendly reads that can be conversational or more corporate, for companies such as BP, Lloyds, Jaguar Land Rover, Knorr and Siemens. He also provides character voices for commercials and games, including posh aristos, hoarse Ray Winstone style cockneys and deep movie trailer voices.

Guy Lewis

G Lewis - Commercial Reel
G Lewis - Narrative Reel

Guy hails from Llanelli, South Wales and has a wealth of stage experience, having appeared in the West End, National Theatre and Regent’s Park amongst many others. He is also a firm favourite in the advertising world, being the face of such brands as Birdseye, Walkers, Tassimo and Eve Mattresses! Guy’s background in classical theatre along with his warm, Welsh lilt make him a great choice for any advertising campaign or documentary narration.

Luke Blackwood - Stevenson

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Luke Blackwood-Stevenson - Commercial Reel
Luke Blackwood-Stevenson - Corporate Reel
Luke Blackwood - Stevenson - Documentary Reel
Luke Blackwood - Stevenson - Animation and Cartoon Reel
Luke Blackwood - Stevenson - Video Games Reel mp3

Luke has a distinctive voice which is rambunctious and debonair. He has an ear for accents and enjoys character work.

His natural voice lends itself well to commercials, documentary, corporate voice over, e- learning and video explaining.

His playful voice is well suited to animation & cartoons, video games work and audiobooks. Luke works from an industry standard home studio.
His adaptable voice will breath life, energy and fire into any project.

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Mark Thomas

M Thomas - Commercial Reel
Mark Thomas - Corporate Narration Demo 2
Mark Thomas - 2021 Explainer Narration D

Mark has an assured, friendly and genuine light British-English voice. His natural, conversational style will make your project click with the audience.

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Karl Jenkinson

K Jenkinson - Commercial Reel
K Jenkinson - Audiobook Reel

The closest thing there is to a National Voice, Karl is "Everyman". His warm, friendly voice lends a credible believability to any project. Expect tough, passionate and brooding for the darker side of Karl.  Many top brands have had Karl as their chosen voice; Worcester Bosch, Ford Transit, Travis Perkins, Greggs.

TV narration credits include; Lion's Behaving Badly, Mean Machines, Call Me A Cabbie, Battle of the Brides and is currently narrating How Do They Do It for WAGTV on Discovery.

Dan Richards

D Richards - Commercial Reel
D Richards - Gaming Reel

Dan has a​ friendly warm voice. 

Originally, from Essex he has a subtle Estuary sound, but an excellent ear for accents, and characters for a wide range of voice over projects. Dan has worked constantly and with a varied professional background​ in acting and broadcasting. ​