Paul Bazely

P Bazely Commercial Reel
P Bazely- Narrative Reel

Paul has appeared in films such as Pirates of the Caribbean and shows including Dr Who and Black Mirror, but is probably best known as the character Troy in six series of the ITV comedy Benidorm. Born in the UK but from an Indian family, Paul has a rich, friendly and sensitive voice with great comic timing. He has substantial experience in radio, talking books, documentary and commercials."

Malk Williams

M Williams - Commercial Reel
M Williams - Corporate Reel
M Williams - Gaming Reel

A versatile British voice artist with a storyteller's rhythm and a gift for accents. His delivery can be warm and engaging, crisply technical or darkly sinister!

Mr B The Gentleman Rhymer

Mr B The Gentleman Rhymer

A recognisable well spoken voice from this Chap Hop star.

Colin Uttley

C Uttley - Voicereel

A clear, friendly baritone voice. Naturally RP but can also be London or Yorkshire. 

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Ian Shaw

I Shaw - Voicereel

A strong, calm, authoritative voice & an experienced actor. 

Simon Lipson

S Lipson -Vocereel

Natural RP, warm, deep, gravelly, humorous (if required), with a wide range of character voices. Professional impressionist for many years, so can offer a huge variety of accents, tones and soundalikes.