Anton Alexander Kardaisis

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Anton Kardasis_Commercial Showreel_EBU_R
Anton Kardasis_Narrative Showreel_EBU_R1

Anton has a voice that is professional, warm and clear. Regionally he speaks with received pronunciation in a manner that is strong and assured.

Jack Tutt

J Tutt - Showreel
Jack Tutt - Gaming Showreel

A unique, versatile & friendly voice with a good ear for accents & characterisation. Dynamic, energised but also reassuring. A good impersonator that has a naturally "youthful" tone for audio delivery, presenting & MCing.

Constantine Gregory

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C Gregory - Commercial Reel
C Gregory - Corporate Reel

Constantine has all the gravitas and authority of somebody who’s been in the industry for the last three decades. A sonorous and intelligent voice. Dual national UK/US, speaks fluent Russian and French.  Constantine has a warm, authoritative voice. He is a very experienced narrator and audiobook reader. He is also very versatile. As well as his natural voice, he is known for his ability to do authentic accents: European (all),  Eastern European, Russian, Arabic, as well as Southern and Northern Irish. He also has a facility for character and cartoon voices.

Andre James

A James - Commercial Reel
A James - Narrative Reel
A James - Gaming Reel

A London accent with a soothing yet confident tone, that is authentic and versatile. The Voice of Millennials. 

Ryan Laughton

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Ryan Laughton - Commercial Voice Reel - Ryan
Ryan Laughton - Animation Voice Reel - Ryan Laughton
Ryan Laughton - Gaming Reel
Ryan Laughton - Narration Voice Reel - Ryan Laughton

Ryan is a voice actor specialising in character voices for video games and cartoons. Originally from a rural village in Lincolnshire, he pursued his passion for the performing arts after finishing college by moving to London at the age of 18 to study for a bachelors degree in acting. He now works as a full-time voice artist, lending his voice to a variety of projects spanning all sectors of the industry. 


Ryan's voice has been described as adaptable with an effortless natural believability. Ryan can breathe life into any character thrown his way, whether you're looking for an intense story driven voice with gravitas or something a little wackier and more unique! 


Ryan has always been passionate about promoting the authentic representation of LGBTQ+ characters and he is keen to collaborate with other queer artists working within the video game and animation industry. He strives to form a more solidified platform for LGBTQ+ performers and characters to be represented authentically.

Professor Elemental

Professor Elemental - Showreel

A versatile voice that can skip from humorous character styles to serious in the blink of an eye. Previous clients include Sega, Big Robot and Disney.