Anton Alexander Kardaisis

Anton Kardasis_Commercial Showreel_EBU_R
Anton Kardasis_Narrative Showreel_EBU_R1

Anton has a voice that is professional, warm and clear. Regionally he speaks with received pronunciation in a manner that is strong and assured.

Jack Tutt

J Tutt - Showreel

A unique, versatile & friendly voice with a good ear for accents & characterisation. Dynamic, energised but also reassuring. A good impersonator that has a naturally "youthful" tone for audio delivery, presenting & MCing.

Constantine Gregory

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C Gregory - Commercial Reel
C Gregory - Corporate Reel

Constantine has all the gravitas and authority of somebody who’s been in the industry for the last three decades. A sonorous and intelligent voice. Dual national UK/US, speaks fluent Russian and French.  Constantine has a warm, authoritative voice. He is a very experienced narrator and audiobook reader. He is also very versatile. As well as his natural voice, he is known for his ability to do authentic accents: European (all),  Eastern European, Russian, Arabic, as well as Southern and Northern Irish. He also has a facility for character and cartoon voices.

Gavin Dobson

Gavin Dobson.JPG
G Dobson - Commercial Reel
G Dobson - Narrative Reel

Gavin is originally from East (Darlington) and his voice is descibed as light, warm, trusting and fun.

Grant Fulton

G Fulton - Showreel

A listenable, warm voice that has a great comedic style to it. Perfect for those jobs that need a touch of lighthearted banter.

Professor Elemental

Professor Elemental - Showreel

A versatile voice that can skip from humorous character styles to serious in the blink of an eye. Previous clients include Sega, Big Robot and Disney.