George Reid

George Reid - Commercial Reel
George Reid - Documentary Reel

Assured, deep and earthy with a soft South Yorkshire accent. Can change to an energetic and active tone for an advert and use the deeper gentle tones for softer narration work. Born and bred in Barnsley.

Jake Bryan-Amaning

Jake Bryan-Amaning Commercial Reel -1db.
Jake Bryan-Amaning - Narration Reel

Natural, nurturing and reliable whilst remaining flexible. Jake's voice style ranges from warm, smooth, emotional connection to a trustworthy, assured narration and upbeat tempo.

Ramesh Mahtani

Ramesh Mahtani - Commercial Reel
Ramesh Mahtani - Corporate Neutral English

Deep, chocolatey and silky, Ramesh's voice is neutral sounding with a global undertone that makes it hard to discern where exactly he's from. 

Tom Quinn

Tom Quinn - Commercial Reel
Tom Quinn - Documentary Reel

Tom brings a more youthful brightness to a Warm, Trustworthy and Friendly voice.

As an Actor, Tom has worked in the West End and for the Royal National Theatre. He has presented for nationwide companies, and also performed in cabarets and concerts across London.

Kenny Blyth

Kenny Blyth - Commercial/Accent Reel
Kenny Blyth - Scottish showreel
Kenny Blyth - Animation
Kenny Blyth - Gaming Reel

A trained actor and BBC radio Carleton Hobbs award winner with 20 years experience  Kenny is one of the most versatile voice actors in the UK, working in nearly 30 accents from all four corners on the UK and beyond.

Simon Pothecary

Simon Pothecary - Commercial Reel
Simon Pothecary - Animation Reel

Simon has a fresh and youthful quality to his voice which is clear and engaging. A Natural RP voice with reassuring and confident tones, an experienced motion capture actor with a good ear for accents and character voices. 

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