Liam Gerrard

L Gerrard - Commercial Reel
L Gerrard - Corporate Voicereel
L Gerrard - Narration Reel
L Gerrard - E-Learning Reel

Naturally northern, friendly and informative everyday bloke next door. Very good at RP and other regional accents too.

Isi Adeola

Isi The Scribe - Commercial
Isi Adeola - Gaming-Demo

Isi’s natural speaking voice has been described as neutral with an ‘omniglobal’ quality. It can be friendly and enthusiastic but on the flip side it can be punchy, powerful and resonant! 

Neal Ward

N Ward - Commercial Reel
N Ward - Gaming Reel

A versatile voice actor who takes direction well.  Neal has the ability to bring any script to life and has a great talent for character voices.

Alan Shires

A Shires - Commercial Reel
A Shires - Corporate Reel
A Shires - Gaming Reel
A Shires - Animation Reel

Alan has a friendly, story-telling charm to his voice with a hint of a Northern English accent.

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Jake Wardle

Jake Wardle Headshot B.jpeg
J Wardle - Commercial Reel
J Wardle - Corporate Reel
J Wardle - Gaming Reel
J Wardle - Drama Narration Reel

Jakes natural voice has been described as: Young (teens/20s), friendly, laid-back, assured, sincere, genuine, believable, straight-forward and conversational. 

Jakes native accent is London RP with a hint of Cockney. Jake can accurately imitate a wide range of accents and voices.

Sonny Chatters

Sonny Chatters - Commercial Showreel
Sonny Chatters_Gaming Showreel_EBUR128.w

Voice-over artist who totally embodies his character due to his acting background versatile & friendly voice with a good ear for accents & characterisation. Dynamic, energised but also reassuring.


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