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Lucy Moses

Lucy is a Brighton based professional actress and voiceover artist. Her voice is clear, natural, friendly and versatile from bright and bubbly Estuary modern to home counties RP posh, age range 20s-30s. Her experience ranges from charity animations to national television adverts and she has been working in the industry for over 10 years. Being a trained actress means she is very comfortable taking direction and sight reading. She has worked with many companies-  Barclays, Lloyds, Colgate, Fidelity and WorldPay to name a few! 

"Lucy has an energetic, powerful young adult female voice with clear articulation, good fluency and a naturally strong attack. Her voice has warmth and kindness. In summary, she clearly has skills, talent, experience in the studio and a distinctive delivery style". -  Nicole, Producer @ Audible

"Lucy was not only professional, but a joy to be around. Her versatility brought our video from a dull recording to an exciting ad, with an instantly likable voice, which our clients, including Colgate have been delighted with." -Sharan Dhaliwal @ Media Bounty

"I worked with Lucy on several occasions after witnessing her in ‘Epidemic’ with the Old Vic New Voices. Not only was she professional, funny and a joy to work with but she was extremely versatile which meant we were able to invite her in for the departmental reads and cast her in a number of roles at BBC Comedy. A serious actress with funny bones I would not hesitate to recommend her."-  Simon London, Producer 

Lucy Moses - Commercial Reel
Lucy Moses - Narrative Reel
Lucy Moses - Audiobook