Dai Tabuchi

D Tabuchi - Corporate Reel
Dai Tabuchi - Gaming Reel (ENG & JPN)_game reel

Dai is versatile and can deliver from a gentle, rich, engaging narrative read, to crazy high-pitched character with excellent comic timing. He has extensive voiceover experience for Japan, UK and US TVs and Radios.

Haruka Kuroda

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Haruka Kuroda Commercial Reel (Japanese)
Haruka Kuroda Commercial & Radio Reel (E
Haruka Kuroda Corporate Reel (Japanese)_
Haruka Kuroda Corporate Reel (Japanese)_
Haruka Kuroda Character Reel_MP3
Haruka Kuroda Narration & Cartoon Reel (

Haruka is an established U.K. based actress, presenter and voice over artist with 20 years of experience. Haruka's range of VO jobs is spread far and wide. He has recorded numerous corporates include: Google, DHL, Microsoft, IKEA, Dell & Skype. She has also voiced educational materials such as Oxford University Press and University of Cambridge Language Centre. Haruka’s character voicing include: Noodle from internationally acclaimed virtual pop band Gorillaz, Little Dotti Chicken (YouTube) and Ask Lara (BBC). She has also worked for numerous computer games such as Genji 1&2 (PlayStation), Siren 2 (PlayStation), Mini Ninja, Total War: Shogun 2 (Sega) ,Battalion Wars (Nintendo Gamecube). Her credits on radio/Audio drama include A Pale View of the Hills, Fewer Not Less and After the Quake (all for BBC Radio 4). Haruka is able to deliver a professional standard recording at her home studio. 

Masashi Fujimoto

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Masashi Fujimoto Commercial_Character Ja
Masashi Fujimoto Cooporate_Promo Japanes
Masashi Fujimoto E-Learning Japanese
Masashi Fujimoto Various English-Japanes

Masashi is a Japanese actor, singer and voice over artist based in London.  

He started his professional career as opera singer in Japan and moved to Italy in 1992.  

Since 1995.  he has been working in th UK for main streem TV, Film and Theatre productions.

Sadao Ueda

Sadao Ueda B&W.jpg
Sadao Ueda Commercial Japanese
Sadao English Demo

SADAO’s voice has earthy, warm, kind nature naturally. Versatile to more authoritative and commanding mature voice.  From smooth corporative reading to eccentric characters, he has wide ranges of voices. Age range 30s to 60s.  Standard Tokyo Japanese, Western Japan dialect. Clear English with subtle Japanese accent.

Leo Ashizawa

Leo Ashizawa - Compilation showreel
Leo Ashizawa - Corporate showreel
Leo Ashizawa - English showreel
Leo Ashizawa - Character voices

Conversational, can be authoritative and comical. Depending on the context, Leo can be cool, reassuring. Leo's native accent of Japanese is Osaka dialect, which is popular but very difficult to speak.  Leo can also  speak standard Japanese too. 

Togo Igawa

Togo Igawa - Japanese Reel
Togo Igawa - English

Togo has many years of experience and can voice a wide variety of styles and characters across all fields. He was nominated for a BAFTA GAMES AWARD in 2012.