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Stephen Armstrong

Stephen A - Showreel
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Mellow Northern Irish with a whisper of Scottich.  Strong & gentle.Urbane & warm. Sophisticated with a sexy edge.

Anna Fenn

Anna F - Commercial Reel
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Anna F - Narrative Reel
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Southern Irish Actress: Fresh, Vibrant, Warm Voice

Nicola Redman

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Nicola Redman - Commercial Reel
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Nicola Redman - Commercial Reel
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Nicole Redman - Narration Reel
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Nicole Redman - Character Reel
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Northern Irish, friendly and warm. Excellent ear for accents (I teach them in the other half of my life…!) and characters. I also have a backgrounding stand up and sketch comedy which can bring a fun interpretation to things if needed. 

Sorcha Brooks

Sorcha Brooks - Commercial Reel
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Sorcha Brooks - Narrative Reel
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An inviting, reassuring and soothing voice.  Neutral RP or a natural soft Irish lift. Sorcha’s strength is her versatility with a voice that can range from direct and assured, to delightful and melodious, velvety, elegant and calming.  Experience in drama, corporate, telephony, commercials, ADR, and animation.

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Dave Cronin

Dave Cronin - Showreel
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One of Ireland's best known voices and Presenter with Hit Music Station, Beat 102 103.

A confident and edgy yet affable and warm voice with heaps of experience for the biggest brands across all platforms.

Andy Kavanagh

Andy Kavanagh - Commercial Reel
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Andy Kavanagh - Corporate Reel
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Andy Kavanagh - E Learning Reel
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Andy Kavanagh  just has 'one of those voices' He has the kind of voice
that's instantly recognisable when you hear him on the TV or on the
radio - the type of voice that companies want associated with their brands.  Andy is the very definition of professional who knows his craft and works  hard to make sure that his clients are happy and get the voice that they want for their projects.  Andy's Northern Irish voice
has a softness to its tone and he can deliver a huge variety of reads
for his diverse client group.