Adam Dergiman

Adam_Portrait BNW-1.png
Adam Dergiman - Commercial Showreel 2021
Adam Dergiman - Narration Demo

Adams voice has been described as warm, friendly and confident sounding with a listening range of 30 – 40.
Born in Zimbabwe and moved to the UK 15 (and counting) years ago, hints of his original Zimbabwean accent mix with my RP English and light regional Essex accent to bring a unique sound to the mic. Bringing together a unique International English - clear and easy to listen to without specifically benign from anywhere distinct. 

Adam has worked with telecoms companies for technical explainer and commercial projects, radio and charities.
His passion in IT and a career of 8 years on the front lines means he knows the jargon, and how to effectively communicate that to a wider audience in an easy-to-understand format.