Katharina Sellner

Katharina Sellner.jpg
Katharina Sellner English Commercial
Katharina Sellner English Montage
Katharina Sellner English Narration

Katharina Sellner is an experienced London based bilingual voice over artist and actor born in Cologne, Germany. She has experience in lip sync, corporate voice overs, commercials, ADR, ELT and other educational VOs. Since graduating from the Royal Birmingham Conservatoire, she has worked in TV (Netflix - How To Sell Drugs Online (FAST), The Fox), theatre (Arcola Theatre, Greenwich Theatre, Pleasance Theatre), on award winning short films (In (Silence)) and especially, in voice overs (James Bond - Spectre, BBC World News, Les Mills, Bloom & Wild). 

Katharina has a clear, calm and friendly voice. Voice age range (18-35). 

Leena Makoff

Leena M.jpg
Leena Makoff, English 2 Infomercial
Leena Makoff, English 1 Corporate
Leena Makoff, English 3 Commercial

Leena is an international actor and voice-over artist from Poland. Her speech in English has been strongly influenced by London, where she currently lives. Makoff’s husky, friendly voice has the power to create a unique and engaging atmosphere, perfect for documentaries, commercials and narrations.

Leonie Schliesing - Commercial_EN
Leonie Schliesing - Animation_EN_Various_Accents
Leonie Schliesing - Documentary_EN
Leonie Schliesing - E-learning_EN
Leonie Schliesing - Gaming_EN_Various_Accents

Leonie is a versatile and experienced Voice Actor, bilingual German/English and fluent in French. A trained actress for stage and screen, she follows direction with ease and adapts her performance to the required style.
Leonie's voice is smooth, youthful and authentic with a strong range of character voices, making her particularly suited for animation and games. 

Her experience ranges from corporate and commercial work, over ADR and dubbing, games and animation to audiobooks and radio drama. Past client include Playstation, Smarties, EA Games and Findus. 


Nina is a professional actress, presenter, voice-over artist & linguistic director.

Her vocal range is vast and versatile with a forte in engaging character work.

Stretching as far as melodious, playful, young, sweet, fresh, vibrant, clear, friendly, natural, warm and smooth towards soft, sensual and intimate to a more sophisticated, serious and authoritative tone.

Sarah Kolb

Sarah Kolb.jpg
Sarah Kolb - German Accented American
Sarah Kolb - German Accented British

Sarah is a native German voiceover artist with extensive experience across all fields of the voiceover industry. Her voice is bright, crisp, engaging and assured with a playing age from teens to early thirties. She confidently takes direction and will always bring positive energy into the studio! 

Sarah has a broadcast quality home studio from which she can record remotely and deliver fully edited audio, if needed. Past clients include Beat Saber by Facebook, Google, Lufthansa, Spotify, Adidas, Firefox and more. 

Alessandro Ananasso

Alessandro Ananasso.jpeg
Alessandro Ananasso - Eng Reel

Professional actor, acting coach and trained VO artist based in London, with extensive experience in commercials, corporate and games. He was the Italian narrator of Gillette World Sport for 1.5 years. His voice is full and versatile, and can span from institutional, engaging and warm to youthful, enthusiastic and fun, playing ages from 20s to 40s. He also speaks Spanish fluently and English as a native.