Haruka Kuroda

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Haruka Kuroda Commercial & Radio Reel (E

Haruka is an established U.K. based actress, presenter and voice over artist with 20 years of experience. Haruka's range of VO jobs is spread far and wide. He has recorded numerous corporates include: Google, DHL, Microsoft, IKEA, Dell & Skype. She has also voiced educational materials such as Oxford University Press and University of Cambridge Language Centre. Haruka’s character voicing include: Noodle from internationally acclaimed virtual pop band Gorillaz, Little Dotti Chicken (YouTube) and Ask Lara (BBC). She has also worked for numerous computer games such as Genji 1&2 (PlayStation), Siren 2 (PlayStation), Mini Ninja, Total War: Shogun 2 (Sega) ,Battalion Wars (Nintendo Gamecube). Her credits on radio/Audio drama include A Pale View of the Hills, Fewer Not Less and After the Quake (all for BBC Radio 4). Haruka is able to deliver a professional standard recording at her home studio. 

Mathieu Karsenti

Mathieu Karsenti - English Reel

Mathieu has a versatile voice that's best suited to portray 20-30 year old educated professionals.  He is fully bilingual (English & French) with no trace of any accent in either language.

Mathieu is also a singer which enables him to do funny voices for cartoons/childrens books.

Kristian Steuer

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Kris Steuer-International English

Native from Sao Paulo, Brazil. Kris is a bassist/arranger and a business graduate. In 1997, he finished the Senac Voiceover Course and started working in his hometown. Kris has been working as a voice-over artist/narrator In London since 2010 and has lent his voice to: Netflix (Continental Trip, House of Windsor, Big Family Cooking Showdown), KFC (Commercial), BBC (World Cup 2014), Discovery Channel (Building the World Cup) DHL (cartoon characters), Full Tilt Poker-(TV commercial), Ciallis (variety of characters), Google (Wallace commercial), IBM-(Corporate), Troll (video game), Cambridge University International (language ,Telefonica, Vivo Play (TV Announcer) among others. With a neutral brazilian accent Kris can do regional brazilian accents as well


Natural, Conversational, Charismatic, Deep, Energetic, Friendly, Fun, Light, Smooth, Announcer, Authoritative.

Melvin Vermeer

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Melvin Vermeer - Commercials_English 1.m
Melvin Vermeer - Corporate (English)

Melvin is a full-time native Dutch Voice-over with a professional recording studio where he is available every day. He has been the voice of hundreds of commercials, a few Radio/TV shows and many corporate/explainer videos, e-Learning projects, apps, games and audio guides.

Clients include; Apple, BMW, Jaguar/Land Rover, Rabobank, Turkish Airlines, Vistaprint, Vodafone and many more.

Melvin has a versatile voice and he is able to deliver a bright, warm, friendly, engaging read. The age range is: 25-50.

Jacqueline Berces

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Jacqueline Berces _ English_Internationa
Jacqueline Berces_ENGLISH Voice Reel 202
Jacqueline Berces_ENGLISH_Animation_Gami

Jacqueline is a native French voice-over artist, actress and singer, bilingual in English, with a naturally bright, engaging , confident, versatile voice, which lends itself well to television, film, video game, corporate, commercial and narration voice overs. Jacqueline has extensive experience in dubbing for international series, film, video games, as well as voicing corporate videos, e-learnings, audiobooks and commercials.

Stephane Cornicard

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Stephane Cornicard - Commercial Reel
Stephane Cornicard - Accents in English
Stephane Cornicard - Multlingual Europa

Deep to bass, warm, friendly. I work in French and English (RP or transatlantic)