Klemens Koehring

Klemens Koehring - English Video Games V
Klemens Koehring - English Narration Voi
Klemens Koehring - English Animation Voi

Klemens is an established native German voiceover artist with a smooth, confident and charismatic voice. Due to his versatile delivery from informative/serious/assured to enthusiastic/upbeat/wacky, he has worked across all major genres of voice work. He also provides English voiceovers with a very flexible level of accent heaviness (from strong German/European accent to RP).

Lula S

Lula S - accented English Reel

Warm, natural, persuasive and energetic (30s - 40s). Lula is a polyglot Brazilian voice over artist. He has an excellent pronunciation in 6 languages: Brazilian Portuguese (mother tongue), French (his mother is from France, where he lived for 15 years), English, Spanish, Italian, and German. Lula often lends his voice to Brazilian, Portuguese, and French characters, as well as to those from various other countries, as his voice is also perfect for English with a subtle international accent.

Laura Sophie Helbig 7 b&w.jpg
L Sophie Helbig - Commercial 1 English
Sophie L Helbig - Character reel english

ADR, Audio Books, Audio Description, Authoritative, Childrens TV, Radio, Commercial, Compelling, Engaging, Confident, Cool, Contemporary, Corporate, Documentary, Narrative, e-learning, Educational, Energetic, Vibrant, Upbeat, International Dubbing, Light Entertainment, Natural, Gentle, Automated Telephone Messaging, Positive, Bright, Radio Drama, Radio Promo, Reassuring, TV Promo, Warm, Friendly 


Leonor is an International French-born actress with over 9 years experience in commercials, narrations video games and dubbing. 

Bilingual since childhood, she benefited from an American and International education and later attended drama-school in London. 

Her voice is warm and bright with a versatile range that enjoys delivering soft and intimate reads as well as upbeat and sassy interpretations.

Leonor Lemee

LeonorLEMEE_English w: French accent_Com
LeonorLemee_International English Corpor

Benedetta Ferraro

Benedetta Ferraro English Accented Reel.
Benedetta Ferraro.jpeg

Expressive, Confident, Articulate, Energy, Persuasive, Reassuring, Playful, Outgoing, Warm and Rounded.

Since starting her voiceover career in 1994, Benedetta Ferraro has become one of the leading Italian voices in the UK regularly working both in Italian and English.
Extremely versatile, her voice has many colours and timbres throughout her mezzo soprano range.
As well as being the voice of Fisher-Price’s ‘Laugh & Learn’ "Cagnolino (Puppy)" and "My Little Pony Rainbow Dash" Italian toy lines she is the voice that will guide you around London’s British Museum and Imperial Museum’s Churchill War Rooms and Bath’s Roman Baths and Fashion Museum. She also announces security checks at both Gatwick and Luton Airport and welcomes passengers on the Stansted Airport Express.

Jean-Baptiste Fillon

Jean Baptiste.jpeg
Jean-Baptiste - English reel_2021

Smooth, upbeat and sophisticated, playing characters or delivering straight reads, Jean-Baptiste will always make sure to give your words a believable and convincing personality. 

His over 10 years experience in the voice industry led him to work on ad campaigns for many prestigious clients such as Amazon, Sony, Babble, Google, Disney, Apple, TUC, Signal, Garnier amongst many others.

He also always enjoys recording promos for MTV, Nickelodeon and Eurosport, dubbing American actors in films for the French market and voicing characters in video-games ( Assassin's Creed 4, Control, Dragon Age 3, Iron man 2).