Tanja Lapinski

Tanja Lipinski.jpg
T Lipinski - Voicereel

This voice artist has many experiences working with industrial clients and in commercials. She can sound trustable and convincing, smart and upbeat, fresh and breezy, as well as warm and confidential. Her voice has been heard in a number of national radio and internet commercials since 2006. She does voice over work also for a lot of corporate websites as well as other corporate narration projects. Crazy, lovely, smart, confidential, fresh, breezy, happy, sensitive, cool, funny, upbeat, sunny is the way, Tanja does speak.

References: Audi, Commerzbank, Gameforge, Google, H&M, Hewlett Packard, Jack Wolfskin, Lego, Lufthansa, Marvel, H&M, McDonald´s, Microsoft, Novartis, Philips, Procter & Gamble, VW...

Klemens Koehring

Klemens Koehring - German Commercial Voi
Klemens Koehring - German Animation Voic
Klemens Koehring - German Corporate Voic
Klemens Koehring - German Narration Voic
Klemens Koehring - German Video Games Vo
Klemens Koehring - English Video Games V
Klemens Koehring - English Narration Voi
Klemens Koehring - English Animation Voi

Klemens is an established native German voiceover artist with a smooth, confident and charismatic voice. Due to his versatile delivery from informative/serious/assured to enthusiastic/upbeat/wacky, he has worked across all major genres of voice work. He also provides English voiceovers with a very flexible level of accent heaviness (from strong German/European accent to RP).

Erich Redman

E Redman - Commercial Reel

Warm and friendly, ideal for corporates and commercials. Free of a regional German accent, speaking the equivalent of RP ('Hochdeutsch').

Christoph Walter

C Walter - Voicereel

Christoph is a highly experienced voiceover artist.  He started his career as a musician - a singer/rapper.  For the last 10 years he has specialised in the world of voiceover and has become one of the "go to" voices for anyone requiring a German voice for their corporate or commercial project. 

Daniel Alexander

D Alexander - Corporate Reel

Daniel is well known for his versatility which has led him to work in all fields of voice-overs, from commercials to corporates, over cartoons and video games, to promos and e-learning and even the occasional presenting.  His corporate reads are friendly, credible and informative whereas he brings a cool, young trendy and upbeat flair to commercials. His cartoon and video game characters are as wacky as they are diverse, and his read for promos and movie trailers gently captures the essence of the TV show or movie in question and entices the viewer with a similar timbre.

Alexander Devrient

AlexanderDevrient B&W Headshot.jpg
Alexander Devrient_German_Trailers & Pro
Alexander Devrient_German_Corporate & Ex
Alexander Devrient_German_CommercialReel

Alexander is a very experienced VO with hundreds of recordings under his belt. He voices in his native German with a High German accent, in English with a 'Continental' European, French or German accent, and in his native French with a Belgian accent.

Alexander is extremely versatile and can easily go from young, fresh, and dynamic tones to richer, warmer, and controlled deliveries. 

Whether it's in the commercial or corporate realm, e-learning or IVR, games or narration, ADR or lip-synch, Alexander will be able to suit your needs.