Carole Villiers

C Villiers - Voicereel

As a French native speaker, Carole can offer reads in both French or lightly accented English. Carole has a clear yet soft voice and has excellent diction which lends itself to material which must be presented with maximum comprehensibility. The overall impression is fresh and young-sounding, warm and confident. As a character voice, she has a natural mellifluous quality of pitch which can suggest anything from playful and innocent to chic and sensual.

Mathieu Karsenti

M Karsenti - Voicereel

Mathieu has a versatile voice that's best suited to portray 20-30 year old educated professionals.  He is fully bilingual (English & French) with no trace of any accent in either language.

Mathieu is also a singer which enables him to do funny voices for cartoons/childrens books.

Jonathan Burteaux

Jonthan Burteaux - French Reel

Jonathan has been working in the VO industry for over 6 years (Paris and London). As well as voiceovers, he is experienced in ADR and dubbing.

CHARACTERISTICS: Gravitas, Confident, Urban, Upbeat, Cool

Projects include: Nickelodeon, Peppa Pig Youtube Channel, Canal Plus, Hasbro, Air France, Hertz, KFC, Turtle Beach, Asos, Dell, Belkin, Treatwell, National Geographic… and many video games (Binary Domains,) 

C Dodin - Commercial Reel

Native French (from France). Young, upscale, warm, playful, singer.

Well suited for children products and luxury brands.

over 15 years experience with clients like Disney, 20th Century Fox, Universal Studios, Jim Henson's company, Microsoft, British Airways and many more.

Claire Dodin

VALERIA ZUNZUN. French VO. B&W head shot
V Zunzun - Commercial Reel

French native with over 15 years of experience. Warm, friendly, educated, clear, versatile. Can go from little girl to 30's. Very wild range in animation.

Valeria ZunZun


Leonor is an International French-born actress with over 9 years experience in commercials, narrations video games and dubbing. 

Bilingual since childhood, she benefited from an American and International education and later attended drama-school in London. 

Her voice is warm and bright with a versatile range that enjoys delivering soft and intimate reads as well as upbeat and sassy interpretations.

Leonor Lemee

LeonorLemee_French Commercial demo
LeonorLemee_French Documentary Demo

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