Alexander Devrient

AlexanderDevrient B&W Headshot.jpg
Alexander Devrient_French (Belgian)_Comm
Alexander Devrient - French Belgian Acce
Alexander Devrient_English w: French acc

Alexander is a very experienced VO with hundreds of recordings under his belt. He voices in his native German with a High German accent, in English with a 'Continental' European, French or German accent, and in his native French with a Belgian accent.

Alexander is extremely versatile and can easily go from young, fresh, and dynamic tones to richer, warmer, and controlled deliveries. 

Whether it's in the commercial or corporate realm, e-learning or IVR, games or narration, ADR or lip-synch, Alexander will be able to suit your needs. 

Jean-Baptiste Fillon

Jean Baptiste.jpeg
Jean-Baptiste_French Commercial reel 202
Jean-Baptiste_Narration-corporate 2021 .
Jean-Baptiste - English reel_2021
Jean-Baptiste_Character reel 2021

Smooth, upbeat and sophisticated, playing characters or delivering straight reads, Jean-Baptiste will always make sure to give your words a believable and convincing personality. 

His over 10 years experience in the voice industry led him to work on ad campaigns for many prestigious clients such as Amazon, Sony, Babble, Google, Disney, Apple, TUC, Signal, Garnier amongst many others.

He also always enjoys recording promos for MTV, Nickelodeon and Eurosport, dubbing American actors in films for the French market and voicing characters in video-games ( Assassin's Creed 4, Control, Dragon Age 3, Iron man 2).

Caroline Roussel

Caroline Roussel - Corporate
Caroline Roussel - Documentary-1
Caroline Roussel-Gaming-Reel_French-1

Caroline is a bi-lingual French and English voice over artist with a fresh, energetic, bright and youthful tone. Her delivery is impeccable and her work as been described as highly versatile. 


She is a highly experienced award winner voice artist and can adapt her voice to any project. She has worked with high-profile clients and whilst French is her first language, she provides regular voice over recordings in English as well. 


You’ve heard a voice in the Latest Hello Fresh, Linkedin, Microsoft, Disney tv ads to name but a few. She’s also recently completed two video games (DarK Alliance and Borderland) 

Mélusine Lenoir

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Melusine Lenoir_Commercial_FR
Mélusine Lenoir_Commercial_EN
Mélusine Lenoir_Gaming_EN
Mélusine Lenoir_Gaming_FR

Mélusine is a bilingual actress and voice-over artist who's equally comfortable in French and English, with a soft French accent she can turn up or down from hardly noticeable to stereotypical French. She is also a professional translator with expertise in IT, Video games, Marketing, Medicine, Culture and the Arts. As such she can handle copies throughout the localisation process, from translation to recording. Her versatile voice is now youthful, playful and full of energy, now deeper, warm and mellifluous.

Jacqueline Berces

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Jacqueline Berces - French Commercial Reel
Jacqueline Berces - French Character Reel
Jacqueline Berces_French Accent (Speaking English) Reel

Jacqueline is a native French voice-over artist, actress and singer, bilingual in English, with a naturally bright, engaging , confident, versatile voice, which lends itself well to television, film, video game, corporate, commercial and narration voice overs. Jacqueline has extensive experience in dubbing for international series, film, video games, as well as voicing corporate videos, e-learnings, audiobooks and commercials.

Stephane Cornicard

Stephane Cornicard.jpeg
Stephane Cornicard - Commercials Advert FR.L (1)
Stephane Cornicard - Corporate Reel

Deep to bass, warm, friendly. I work in French and English (RP or transatlantic)