Sorcha Brooks

S Brooks - Commercial Reel
S Brooks - Narrative Reel

An inviting, reassuring and soothing voice.  Neutral RP or a natural soft Irish lift. Sorcha’s strength is her versatility with a voice that can range from direct and assured, to delightful and melodious, velvety, elegant and calming.  Experience in drama, corporate, telephony, commercials, ADR, and animation.

Jodie Hay

J Hay - Commercial Reel
J Hay - Narrative Reel
J Hay - Audiobook

Jodie has a warm, youthful, natural and easy listen to voice. Her effortless delivery can be bright, engaging and effervescent as well as soothing and relaxing.

Elizabeth Hammond

E Hammond - Commercial Reel
E Hammond - Narrative Reel
E Hammond - Gaming Reel

Elizabeth has a naturally warm articulate, friendly and assuring voice.  With a native soft Northern accent, as well as the skills of a range of various regional accents and RP.

Michelle O'Callaghan

M O'Callaghan - Commercial Reel
M O'Callghan - Narrative Reel
M O'Callaghan - Characters Reel

An incredibly versatile voice, Michelle’s most requested styles are bright, playful and engaging. Possessing a natural, neutral Northern accent, Michelle can uniquely deliver an authentic, articulate Liverpudlian accent, as well as neutral English, in a friendly, conversational style - giving you that in-demand 'real read’. Michelle is a professional actor, improviser and singer and is able to effortlessly shift styles, tone and melody, to give you your perfect read - exactly how you imagined it

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Rachel Ashley

R Ashley - Showreel

Versatile and experienced with or without a northern twang. Clients include Tesco Mobile, DFDS Seaways, Asda, The Range, Laura Ashley and previously Toys R Us, Kwik Save and a myriad of others. Rachel is also a very experienced session singer and has a full studio with ISDN, Cleanfeed and SC, Neumann mic and Focusrite Scarlet. 

Annabelle Galea

A Galea - Voicereel

Rich, breathy, voice in soft spoken tones. Standard RP, with a lilt of international accent. Annabelle can also do various characters for gaming and animation.


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