Lisa Cawthorne

Lisa Cawthorne 4.jpeg
Lisa Cawthorne_Commercial Reel
Lisa Cawthorne - Narrative.mp3

Lisa's soft Yorkshire tones provide authenticity, calm and warmth.  Great for that reliable, sensitive, heartfelt content, and equally great for more comedic dry content with perhaps a stronger accent or RP.  Lisa has worked across advertising and television for over a decade both in front and behind the camera, and trained at The Royal Central School of Speech and Drama. 

Lizzie Mounter

Lizzie Mounter - Commercial Reel
Lizzie Mounter - Narrative Reel
Lizzie Mounter - Gaming Reel

Lizzie has a confident and energetic voice with a slight husk who takes direction well to achieve the feel you’re after. Lizzie is a versatile voiceover artist performing a wide range of accents and tones for many characters of various ages particularly for gaming and animation. Previous clients include: BBC Radio 4, The Royal British Legion and Big Finish.

Victoria Riley

Victoria Riley Commercial Reel
Victoria Riley - Narrative Reel
Victoria Riley - Corporate Showreel

Victoria has an engaging, reassuring and confident delivery with a native Lancashire accent, which can range from subtle to broad depending on your needs.  A trained actress with a quirky and characterful voice, she has very clear diction and impeccable articulation, making her swift and easy to work with.

Susie Coleman

Maggie K-Demonde

M K Demonde - Showreel

A rich sultry delivery which can be turned in to comedy at a drop of a hat. Natural Birmingham accent. Fluent in English, Spanish & French!

Sarah Maddocks

Sarah Maddocks B&W Headshot.jpeg
S Maddocks Commercial Reel
S Maddocks - Character Reel

Sarah is a professionally trained actress with an excellent ear for accents. She has a friendly, warm, reassuring, sincere, authoritative, articulate and engaging voice with a versatile range of characters and accents. Great for commercials, narration, corporate work, animations and gaming.

Eva Savage

Eva Savage.jpg
E Savage - Commercial Reel
E Savage - Narrative Reel

Eva has a warm and engaging tone that can adapt to both a friendly, conversational and informative, intelligent read. Eva’s particular areas of expertise lie in commercials, corporate explainers, dubbing and audio drama. She is an excellent sight reader, confident improviser and adept at contrasting characterisation.