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Anna Chloe Moorey

Anna Chloe M - Commercial Reel
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Anna Chloe M - Narrative Reel
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Anna Chloe Moorey - Character Reel
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Bright, clear, optimistic and incredibly versatile - from smiley corporate reads to enthusiastic animated leads, Anna's voice is full of character and can perform in a variety of ages and styles.

Victoria Riley

Victoria Riley - Commercial Reel
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Victoria Riley - Narration
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Victoria has an engaging, reassuring and confident delivery with a native Lancashire accent, which can range from subtle to broad depending on your needs.  A trained actress with a quirky and characterful voice, she has very clear diction and impeccable articulation, making her swift and easy to work with.

Susie Coleman

Maggie K-Demonde

Maggie K-D - Showreel
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A rich sultry delivery which can be turned in to comedy at a drop of a hat. Natural Birmingham accent. Fluent in English, Spanish & French!

Kim Boursnell

Kim B - Commercial Reel
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A clear warm and friendly voice - expressive but not intrusive.

Sarah Maddocks

Sarah Maddocks B&W Headshot.jpeg
Sarah M - Commercial Reel
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Sarah is a professionally trained actress with an excellent ear for accents. She has a friendly, warm, reassuring, sincere, authoritative, articulate and engaging voice with a versatile range of characters and accents. Great for commercials, narration, corporate work, animations and gaming.

Eva Savage

Eva Savage.jpg
Eva S - Commercial Reel
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Eva C - Narrative Reel
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Eva has a warm and engaging tone that can adapt to both a friendly, conversational and informative, intelligent read. Eva’s particular areas of expertise lie in commercials, corporate explainers, dubbing and audio drama. She is an excellent sight reader, confident improviser and adept at contrasting characterisation.