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Rianna Dearden

Rianna Dearden - Commercial Reel
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A warm, confident, deep and versatile voice. A natural urban twang. 

Penny Scott-Andrews

Penny S-A - Commercial Reel
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Penny S-A - Audiobook Reel
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Penny is a versatile and hugely experienced voiceover artist offering anything from a young, natural girl next door read to an RP confident straight delivery. Having trained as an actress, cartoon and character work is also her forte.

Sophie Sayeed

Katie Flamman

Katie Flamman Storyteller.jpg
Katie Flamman - Commercial Reel
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Katie Flamman - Corporate Reel
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Katie Flamman - E-Learning Reel
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Katie brings smart, sophisticated storytelling to every project. Naturally RP, Katie's voice is authoritative and eloquent, inspiring confidence. You'll also love Katie's conversational, clear reads which are friendly, warm and nurturing. 

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Helen Oakleigh

Helen O - Showreel
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Huge range of voices from sexy and sultry through to energetic 20 something to Mumsy characters and ethereal fantasy characters. Native cockney through to perfect RP.

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Susie Coleman

Susie C - Commercial Reel
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A professional VO artist and actress with over 12 years experience.  A voice that is voice that is warm, rich, sincere, friendly, fun, trustworthy, clear and authoritative.  Susie is currently the voice of Bensons Beds, Harveys and Supercarers TV ad on ITV.  Other brands Susie has worked with include; NHS, Argos, Amex & Barclays.  

Joanna Flay

Joanna F - Commercial Reel
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Joanna F - Corporate Reel
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A neutral, clear style. Both assured and confident.  A good choice for both narrative and promo work.