Margaret Ashley

M Ashley - Commercial Reel
M Ashley - Narrative Reel

A professional experienced British actress . She has a warm, friendly, animated, authoritative, articulate, characterful vocal style with a large range.  Originally from Newcastle, Margaret is a native Geordie, via Manchester, and London.  She is good with accents, particularlily, Northern, Yorkshire, Scouse, Mid Atlantic and obviously her standard RP. Three times nominee Best Female for the One Voice Awards as Best Dramatic Performance in Radio, Best Documentary Narration - Television and Best Character Performance in Games and Animation.  A versatile all rounder.

Laura Schofield

L Schofield Commercial Reel
L Schofield - Drama Reel

Melodious, friendly, clear and engaging. A trained actress capable of a range of styles from upbeat and fresh to strong and seductive. Neutral RP with a variety of accents and character voices. 

Caroline Ashby

C Ashby Commercial Reel
C Ashby - Corporate Reel

A British, non-regional accent - described as youthful, bright and natural. Previous clients include; Dulux, Magnum, Clairol, Microsoft, ebay along with many others.

Donna Louise Bryan

D Louise Bryan - Commercial Reel
D Louise Brian - Corporate Reel
D Louise Bryan - Animation Reel

A lovely warm, rich, clear, contemporary listenable voice. Neutral RP or gentle Northern or Birmingham accents.

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Holly Bigsby

H Bigsby - Commercial Reel
H Bigsby - Narrative Reel

A bright clear listenable voice.  A great choice for both Narrative and Commercial work.

Emma Kilbey

E Kilby - Commercial Reel

Emma is truly versatile! A great character voice, with impeccable comic timing who can also deliver straight and sensitive narrative reads. From an earthy working mum to a cheeky posh miss, Emma’s your woman.


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