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Julia Meola

Julia M - Gaming Reel
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Natural, genuine, relaxed & believable who takes direction well and is an excellent sight reader.


Julia M - Commercial Reel
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Lucy Benson-Brown

Lucy B-B - Commercial Reel
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Lucy B-B - Narrative Reel
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Lucy's voice quality is bright, youthful, chatty and conversational.

Chelsea Fitzgerald

Chelsea F - Commercial Reel
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Very young sounding modern South East voice. Extremely clear mouth with excellent articulation. Can go from bubbly and cheeky to serious and sincere with ease.

Susannah Saary

Susannah S - Commercial Reel
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Susannah's natural voice is clear, warm and sincere. She is highly versatile, ranging from a corporate, educated delivery to an alluring and playful tone. A trained actress and professional singer, she also has experience in children's theatre and can bring to life material aimed at a younger audience. 

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Rachel Beresford

Rachel B - Commercial Reel
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A clear soothing, gentle and precise voice that is compassionate & delicate with delightful sparkle.  Clear, crisp & current engaging and emotive

Gabrielle Baker

Gabrielle B - Corporate Reel
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Gabrielle has a buttery, youthful, alluring and unique voice.  A trained actor, she is adept at bringing characters and brands to life. She has recently been described as ‘An auditory joy’ by one of her audiobook listener.