Lucy Ernest

L Ernest - Marketing Audio

Lucy has a lovely fun voice full of character, clear and engaging.

L Ernest - Commercial Reel

Phoebe Hyder

P Hyder - Commercial Reel
P Hyder - Narrative Reel

Phoebe has an engaging youthful voice with a dreamy and ethereal quality to it.

Sara Starling

S Starling - Commercial Reel
S Starling - Corporate Reel
S Starling - E-Learning

With 25 years industry experience, this is a calm clear, polished, award-winning voice. Trusted to  introduce programmes & read the news for the BBC for over a decade, to voice for Governments, NGO’s,

complex medical & technical narration, explainers & e-learning projects . Empathetic enough for tricky subjects, yet with a twinkle of magic that makes it perfect for ethereal travel commercials &

playful adverts for Gin & Tonic Fun Buns!

Cromerty York

C York - Commercial Reel
C York - Narrative Reel
C York - Gaming Reel

Cromerty York has a confident voice with a great convincing, natural read. She can change her  pitch for a more excitable, dynamic advert, whilst using a more measured lower tone for an interesting corporate eLearning module.

Natalie Silverman

N Silverman - Commercial Reel
N Silverman - Corporate Reel
N Silverman - E Learning

Natalie has a rich and friendly voice that is both authentic and reliable. With a background in commercial radio Natalie prides herself on storytelling, giving her reads a conversational style. This works particularly great with TV narration, explainer videos & e-learning.

Victoria Grantham

V Granham - Commercial Reel
V Granham - Corporate Reel
V Granham - Narration Reel

A bright, fresh and young voice. Good instincts, sense of humour & versatility of styles.