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Annabel Bates

Annabel B - Showreel
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Annabel B - Narative Reel
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Annabel has a bright, energetic voice with a neutral RP accent - perfect for narration and commercials. She is able to take direction well to change the quality of her voice with ease. Previous clients include Axe.

Jade Maclean

Jade M - Commercial Reel
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A warm, authoritative, deep and sexy voice. Jade works as a local radio newsreader. Her past clients include the BBC, Samsung, McDonalds, AUDI and Mastercard and she's worked for 15 years as a rock singer.

Wendy Murray

Wendy M - Commercial Reel
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Wendy M - Narrative Reel
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Wendy has a clear, communicative  delivery ranging from RP, smooth and sophisticated to a  bright  northern earthy,  young  and mature voice,  ideal for  commercials, audiobooks, E Learning, corporate.

Melissa Thom

Melissa Thom.jpg
Melissa Thom - Commercial Reel
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Melissa T - Narrative Reel
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A Corporate Queen, and with bags of experience, Melissa can turn her voice to pretty much anything. Clear and confident, she has a smooth, sultry style, with serious sass - and currently voices for clients including Google, Facebook, The Economist and Late Night Tales. 

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Emilou Fox

Emilou F - Commercial Reel
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Emilou F - Narraitve Reel
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Bring your project to life with a voice that is rich, clear, trustworthy & listenable.

Miranda Magee

Miranda M - Commercial Reel
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Mirranda M - Narrative Reel
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Miranda has a lovely rich voice, husky and distinctive.  She would be a great choice for any commercial or corporate work but is also brilliant at character voices too.