Penny Scott-Andrews

Hannah Cooper-Dean

H Cooper-Dean - Commercial
H Cooper Dean Character Reel

A voice that is very easy on the ear.  Neutral RP with a warm, upbeat, friendly, positive tone.

Dédé Davi

D Davi - Commercial Reel
D Davi - Narration Reel

Dédé a professional singer and voice over artist from London. She has a fresh voice that can range from a relatable , chatty South Londoner to a calm RP voice . Expressive , down to earth, clear. 

Lucy Moses

L Moses - Commercial Reel
L Moses - Narration Reel
L Moses - Audiobook Reel

A clear, extremely versatile professional actress and voiceover artist with a friendly listenable voice that's full of character.

Lorraine Bowan

Lorraine Bowen - Headshot blk-White.jpeg
L Bowen Voice Reel

Step into the wonderfully eccentric world of Lorraine Bowen, where catchy melodies, A line dresses, polyester and Casiotone organs collide.  Fabulously quirky Lorraine Bowen wowed the nation when David Walliams hit the GOLDEN BUZZER during her legendary performance of The Crumble Song on Britain’s Got Talent.  Lorraine has a warm, relaxing, clear diction and confident voice. Animated, quirky lilts and can do camp and cheeky!
Plus harmonies, writes music in her own studio and can sing.

Caroline Ramsay

Caroline Ramsey - Commercial Reel
Caroline Ramsey - Narrative Reel 2-2.

Caroline's voice is warm and emotive with a comedic touch. Husky and seductive. A pure joy to listen to.

Dominica Warburton

D Warburton - Commercial Reel
D Warburton - Narrative Reel
D Warburton - Animation Reel

Naturally assuring, Dominica's slightly husky, warm, crisp and clear smooth tones combine with experienced, precision speed-reading to give an engaging informative read.