Nadira Tudor

Nadira Tudor - Commercial Reel
Nadira Tudor - Corporate Reel
Nadira Tudor - Narrator Reel

Warm, clear, compelling and beautifully resonant and rich, Nadira has lent her voice to an exceptionally large range of projects which include commercials, animation, B2B, film narration and documentary for over twenty years.

Leonor Lemee

Leonor Lemee - (French Accent) Commercial Reel
Leonor Lemee - International English Corpor

Leonor is an International French-born actress with over 9 years experience in commercials, narrations video games and dubbing. 

Bilingual since childhood, she benefited from an American and International education and later attended drama-school in London. 

Her voice is warm and bright with a versatile range that enjoys delivering soft and intimate reads as well as upbeat and sassy interpretations.

Amber Jackson-Bond

Amber Jackson-Bond - Commercial Reel
Amber Jackson-Bond - Continuity
Amber Jackson-Bond - Narrative sample

Amber has a warm, clear and reassuring voice which ranges from bright, bubbly younger sounds to more serious tones and depths. Her voice is therefore suited to a wide range of work and genres with credits including audiobooks, IVR and animation.

Helena Mitchell

DSC01758 (1).jpg
Helena Mitchell Commercial Showreel 2021
Helena Mitchell Corporate Showreel
Helena Mitchell Character Showreel 2021.

A highly talented all round professional, Helena’s technical knowledge combined with her creative flourish means she is an invaluable asset to any project. 


With a sunny, friendly, relatable voice and ability to take direction exceptionally well, Helena is able to cover a huge variety of reads with accents from RP to Northern. 


Her contemporary warm sound is perfect for TV, radio and corporate voice overs, whilst her young fresh sounding voice is perfect for kids promo and e-learning. 


Galena White

Galena White Commercial Demo 2019
Galena White Narration Demo 2019 Master.

A theatrically trained British Stage actress, dancer  and Voice Over Artist. Specializing in baby, kids, boys & girls, teen and young adult voices.  Energetic, vibrant, resilient. Fun, exciting and trustworthy. My background in Stage and dancing enhances my voice over performance due to the fluidity of sound and motion.  I provide voiceover services  from my own personal acoustically treated Whisper Room Studio with a Sennheiser MKH 416 mic and Focusrite Scarlett DAW.

Elsie Lovelock

Elsie Lovelock - Commercial Reel
Elsie Lovelock - Corporate Reel
Elsie Lovelock - Animation Demo
Elsie Lovelock - Gaming Reel

Elsie has a clear, dynamic and extremely versatile voice which excels at character performances, especially for video games and animation. Her voice is well suited for all types of commercial, corporate and narrative reads. As well as a voice over artist, Elsie is also a professional singer in the mezzo-soprano range, capable of fitting any type of music genre."