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Taet Chesterton

Taet C - Showreel
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A versatile voice which covers children's animation to Pop, R&B & Musical Theatre. A calming tone which can cover a Mumsy voice to a typical Essex accent. Accomplished singer and actress.

Kaara Benstead

Kaara Benstead - Commercial Reel
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Kaara Benstead - Narrative Reel
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Kaara has a natural, warm and bubbly London/Cockney accent which is engaging and confident.  A trained actress who can also do an RP accent and has a great sense of timing. 

Jill Kenton

Jill Kenton - Commercial Reel
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Jill Kenton - Corporate Reel
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Cool, bright, warm, friendly, husky, informative, contemporary, her tones are original with a classy delivery, she will bring your project to life!


Jill’s easy going nature and can do attitude,  makes work a breeze and she will deliver the voice required for your project!

Emily Cass

Emily Cass - Commercial Reel
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Emily Cass - Corporate Reel
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Emily Cass - Gaming Reel
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Emily has a young, vibrant voice with a gentle confidence. Her clients include BBC, Virgin, New Look, Samsung, Spotify and more.  Emily’s voice is adaptable and has a love for bringing characters and copy to life. 

Dédé Davi

Dédé Davi - Commercial Reel
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Dédé Davi - Narration Reel
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Dédé a professional singer and voice over artist from London. She has a fresh voice that can range from a relatable , chatty South Londoner to a calm RP voice . Expressive , down to earth, clear. 

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