Clare Reeves

Clare Reeves Headshot Colour 2021.jpg
Clare Reeves Commercial Voice Reel
Clare Reeves Corporate Reel 2020
Clare Reeves - Documentary Showreel 2020

A warm, textured voice with a cool, confident delivery. A breath of fresh sea air.

Kaara Benstead

Kaara Benstead.jpg
K Benstead - Commercial Reel
K Benstead - Narrative Reel

Kaara has a natural, warm and bubbly London/Cockney accent which is engaging and confident.  A trained actress who can also do an RP accent and has a great sense of timing. 

Emily Cass

Emily Cass.jpeg
E Cass - Commercial Reel
E Cass - Corporate Reel
E Cass - Gaming Reel

Emily has a young, vibrant voice with a gentle confidence. Her clients include BBC, Virgin, New Look, Samsung, Spotify and more.  Emily’s voice is adaptable and has a love for bringing characters and copy to life. 

Sam Naz

Sam Naz - Commercial Reel
Sam Naz - Corporate Reel
Sam Naz - Documentary Reel

A neutral RP voice with the credibility of a professional TV presenter and journalist.  Having worked across the BBC, Sky and ITN, Sam combines trust, clarity and confidence with natural warmth and friendliness.  She can also bring authenticity to projects involving Urdu and Punjabi dialogue.

Princess Adewale

Black and white headshot.jpg
Princess Adewale Commercial Demo Reel
Princess Adewale Character Demo Reel

Princess has a unique, authentic, creative, and believable voice. Clear reads that are versatile in emotion and range.

Alison Esprit Hull

Alison Esprit Hull - Black & White.jpg
Alison Esprit Hull - Corporate Reel
Alison Esprit Hull- Narrative Reel

Alison is an experienced voice over artist with sass! Her voice is very unique, warm, playful, assertive and commands attention when listening.