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M Vermeer - Commercial Reel

Melvin is a full-time native Dutch Voice-over with a professional recording studio where he is available every day. He has been the voice of hundreds of commercials, a few Radio/TV shows and many corporate/explainer videos, e-Learning projects, apps, games and audio guides.

Clients include; Apple, BMW, Jaguar/Land Rover, Rabobank, Turkish Airlines, Vistaprint, Vodafone and many more.

Melvin has a versatile voice and he is able to deliver a bright, warm, friendly, engaging read. The age range is: 25-50.

Melvin Vermeer

Petra Vermeulen

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P Vermeulen - Commercial Reel

Petra enhances your company communication with an international sound.  Whether it is in neutral English, native Dutch or European accented French, her natural, warm and soothing voice is perfect to give your message a relatable, professional and global touch.

Do you need a knowledgeable, reassuring, informative voice for narration or e-learning? 
A believable, inviting tone for commercials?  Or an elegant style for silky promo’s?

Clients like Google, Apple, HP, World Health Organization, Breitling, BMW and Air France have entrusted Petra with their voiceover work.