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Alongside his busy acting career on stage, film and television, Constantine is equally at home in the recording studio. He has performed in radio plays for the BBC, and recorded many audiobooks and short stories. Recently he has done the unabridged recordings of the four major Dostoyevsky books for Naxos, a huge challenge that was very well received:


Brothers Karamazov:  I loved this story! The reader brings it to life! He puts such expression into the dialogue, that I feel I know each of the characters personally. Wonderful,  wonderful performance!!

Crime and Punishment: Gregory's narration is excellent, he produces characters perfectly distinct from each other by means of ever so slight changes in intonation, without emplying "mock-voices". His protagonists are authentic and their individual voices bare the complex ethical nuances Dostoyevsky intended for them. 


The Idiot: As for Constantine Gregory - BRAVO! I doubt if there is a single other narrator that could quite master Dostoyevsky as he as come to do quite comfortably. The ever so slight changes in intonation to distinguish the (many and sometimes confusing) characters, and his grasp of the cultural and linguistic peculiarities is masterful.


The Possessed: Gregory infuses both narration and dialogue with a liveliness and humour that had escaped me earlier. Some of the scenes that confused me earlier now seem hilariously over the top - in a good way.