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Lorraine Bowen

Step into the wonderfully eccentric world of Lorraine Bowen, where catchy melodies, A line dresses, polyester and Casiotone organs collide.  Fabulously quirky Lorraine Bowen wowed the nation when David Walliams hit the GOLDEN BUZZER during her legendary performance of The Crumble Song on Britain’s Got Talent.  Lorraine has a warm, relaxing, clear diction and confident voice. Animated, quirky lilts and can do camp and cheeky!
Plus harmonies, writes music in her own studio and can sing.

Professor Elemental

Professor Elemental - Showreel
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A versatile voice that can skip from humorous character styles to serious in the blink of an eye. Previous clients include Sega, Big Robot and Disney.

Lou Conran

Lou Conran - Showreel
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Lou has a warm & friendly vocal range. She can be the girl next door or the dirtie birdie you bring out for special occasions. She has an extensive range of accents, tone & delivery & is easily adaptable.

Lorraine B - Showreel
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Mr B The Gentleman Rhymer

Mr B The Gentleman Rhymer - Showreel
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A recognisable well spoken voice from this Chap Hop star.

Grant Fulton

Grant F - Showreel
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Grant "being Grant" this naturally amusing man would be a great choice to add a bit of comedic value to your story.

Jonathan Hansler

Jonathan Hansler - Showreel
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 "Jonathan is a comedian writer and actor who is currently John Cleese and Connie Booth's official Basil Fawlty.
His play he co wrote "Goodbye The Afterlife Of Cook and Moore" will play in London in August while he is in Edinburgh as Basil Fawlty.
Ironically it was a sketch between Peter Cook and John Cleese that prompted Jonathan to become a performer.

Jonathan has written for been in a few sketch shows over the years.The longest, for 9 years  and this is why he is excellent at character work,dialects, accents and comedy.He also has a "writers eye" which can help sometimes

His natural voice is rich RP.,perhaps a swish of Alec Guinness and John Le Mesurier.

He is the voice of Lucius Malfoy in the Harry Potter Video Games.He also did voiceovers for the video game Thief and Cadburys Dairy Milk."