Claire Wyatt_0427_photo by steve ullatho

From telepathic hyenas and scorpion Queens, to evil countesses and lowly maids; I've done it all. With 18 years as a professional actor, I bring experience and believability to voice-over for drama, audio books and character work. And if you need voice talent who can improvise on the spot – I’ve got that covered too. I'm well known for my accents, characterisation and ability to multi-role in one production. I teach improvisation and I’ve got experience in loop-group and ADR too. I've even had to do impersonations!

I've featured in many Doctor Who audio dramas working with Doctors Peter Davison, Colin Baker and Paul McGann as well as spin-offs with Billie Piper. The epic WW2 drama i starred in was shortlisted for a BBC Audio Drama Award.

I've worked for Audible, Big Finish, The Wireless Theatre Company and lots of independent producers. If people work with me once, they work with me again and again. I think that's the best compliment an actor can have. 

“Claire is not only a delight to work with but is also a consummate artist when it comes to voice work. Her clarity, accuracy and characterisation is consistently excellent and she always arrives having done considerably more preparation than most!  I wouldn’t hesitate to cast her at every opportunity.”  Helen Goldwyn, Director, Big Finish


*  ROSE TYLER, THE DIMENSION CANNON - Time Machines, Big Finish, Helen Goldwyn

*  ATA GIRL, Mina, Big Finish, Louise Jameson

*  TORCHWOOD ONE: MACHINES, Tanya, Big Finish, Barnaby Edwards

*  DOCTOR WHO - THE NINTH DOCTOR CHRONICLES - The Bleeding Heart, Adriana Jarsdel, Big Finish, Helen Goldwyn

*  WE ARE THE BBC, Delphine, Wireless Theatre Company, Jack Bowman
*  DOCTOR WHO - THE SILVER TURK, Countess Mitzi Wittenmeier, Big Finish, Barnaby Edwards
*  APPRENTICE - SCARLET CITY, Lillian, Audible, Barnaby Edwards
*  DOCTOR WHO - PARADISE 5,  Mrs Aht and others, Big Finish, Barnaby Edwards
*  DOCTOR WHO - THE BOY THAT TIME FORGOT,  Madam Teegarna (Scorpion Queen), Big Finish, Barnaby Edwards
*   FLAT HUNTING, Audio Book narration (horror), Twisted 50, Helen Lloyd
*  DOCTOR WHO - EXOTRON, Farakosh (telepathic Hyena)/Weiss (human), Big Finish, Barnaby Edwards
*  DOCTOR WHO - RETURN TO THE WEB PLANET,  Speaker (Mother Earth)  Big Finish, Barnaby Edwards
*  THE SEVEN SISTERS, Children's audio book narrator, Gordon McRae