Zehra Jane Naqvi

Z Naqvi - Commercial Reel
Z Naqvi - Gaming Reel

Transatlantic VO artist of mixed British, Australian and Indian heritage.  Zehra has a warm, friendly, youthful & clear voice as well as energetic, upbeat, melodious, animated, natural, sincere, confident and informative.

Zehra Jane Naqvi

Thomas Bromhead

T Bromhead - Commercial Reel

Tom is a character/accent specialist.  Voice age range 35-50.   He has booked jobs requiring native accents in UK, US and Australia.  Energetic straight reads, or "real person" reads are in his wheelhouse.  A former standup comedian, Tom brings the funny when required.  

Brigid Lohrey

B Lohrey - Commercial Reel
B Lohrey - Corporate Reel
B Lohrey - Audiobooks

Brigid is originally from the island of Tasmania, Australia but now calls London home. She is a professional actor, examiner and audiobook narrator. Her native accent is a naturally warm but subtle variation of her native Australian. However, having trained in the UK and worked here for the past 20 years, she is just as comfortable lending her voice to projects that require more classically English characterisations.

Alongside audiobooks she has also used her vocal talents to commentate live medieval jousting tournaments, narrate E-Learning projects, commercials, gaming apps and various characters in the Dark Shadows and Dr Who Series.

Marion Just

Marion Just - Commercial Reel

Marion is an Australian born voiceover artist with over 10 years experience in the industry.  Her voiceover clients include advertising agencies and marketing companies, television and radio networks, corporate and e-learning narration.  My style cover everything from an excited, up-tempo delivery to Australian urban professional that’s sophisticated, sexy and elegant… think high-end retail… airlines, automotive, fashion, fragrances.


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