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Scott Ciscon

Scott C - Showreel
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Scott has a warm & friendly neutral American voice with a natural and smooth delivery.  He is very much the 'everyman' or 'guy-next-door.' He is also a professional singer (tenor voice) covering a range of projects from pop to classical.

John Mondelli

John M - Showreel
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An American voice talent with a wide range of character types.  John is a versatile actor who can not only bring an array of characters to life but is just as gifted as bold announcing, straight narration and being the casual everyday man.  Clients include, Marvel, Hasbro, Chuck E. Cheese'e and the History channel. 

Scott Haney

Scott Haney - Narrative Reel
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Scott is originally from Texas.  He has a down to earth but strong voice.  He is great at character voices and different accents so extremely versatile.

Scott Haney - Commercial Reel
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Lance C Fuller

Lance Fuller - Documentary Reel
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Lance Fuller - Gaming Reel
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Lance was raised in Wisconsin (Midwest, a lighter Fargo accent) and then lived in California for 11 years so his American accent has touches of both regions while also assuming a more general, neutral American. Lance can play comfortably some of the big regional accents such as Southern, NYC, Boston, Chicago. His range is Bari-Tenor and he tends to have an upbeat, friendly, relatable tone. He is conservatoire trained in acting and is therefore comfortable and versatile in character voices. 

Craig Van Ness

Craig V N - Showreel
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Craig is a UK-based American voice actor. His distinctive, neutral, Mid-Atlantic accent has been used by major brands, game developers and audiobook producers all around the world. He can also perform regional American accents and multiple character voices.  As a classically trained singer, Craig has a natural and instinctive feel for pitch, melody, rhythm, and timing. His voice has been described as light, smooth, articulate, friendly and


Ross Huguet

Ross Huguet Photo - 19.jpg
Ross Huguet - Showreel
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Mature, confident, authentic North American male voice with gravitas.

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Lance Fuller - Commercial Reel
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